Helpful Parenting Resources

Helpful Parenting Resources

Being a parent can sometimes be a tough gig! Just as we think we have a handle on where our kids are at, there is a new development to get used to and new parenting skills required. While friends can often be a great source of encouragement and help, there are many helpful parenting resources that can provide information, guidance and encouragement.

Local Professionals

Your GP: If you are struggling mentally, or have concerns about your child or their development, your doctor is an excellent place to start. They can provide advice, and if appropriate,  refer you to services in your area.

Your local Maternal and Child Health Nurse is a wealth of information. They will usually know all the relevant services available in your area and can assist with referrals. Most states also have a MCHN phoneline you can call for health advice at any time.

Online Resources

Raising Children: is a government-run website with tonnes of information and tips for all ages and stages of parenting and family life. From what to do if your child has cradle cap, to advice on toddler tantrums and preparing a child for a new sibling.

Focus on the Family Australia has lots of articles, videos and podcasts on parenting at different ages and stages. They have partnered with MOPS Australia to create a free video series with lots of helpful discussions and parenting tips.

 Karitane is a charity aimed at supporting parents of children 0-5. There is lots of practical information on adjusting to parenthood. Topics include feeding, sleeping, as well as a telephone advice service.

Happy Families is an Australian site run by psychologist Dr Justin Coulson. He and his team offer practical and down-to-earth advice on topics related to families and parenting.  You can access podcasts, articles and online events

Social Groups

MOPS and other Mum groups can be a great encouragement and support. Sometimes just hearing that someone else is facing the same challenges or also feels like they don’t have it all together can be very reassuring. We can learn from each other. Having friendships and social support is good for us too!


The point is you don’t have to do this alone. It’s inevitable at times we will feel like we don’t have a great handle on this parenting thing! That’s why such awesome services, resources and support exist.

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