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Testing, testing, one, two, one, two. Hello, it’s me. Are we on? Are you there? Can you read me? Just making sure this is working. Phew! We must be ok.

It’s official. We are ba-aack!
The MOPS Australia Monday blog is live for 2017 and let me just say – what we won’t cover this year is not worth covering.
Well, ok, maybe I’m being a little bit over the top, but I’m excited about the theme for this year, which is all about being starry eyed, but wait! before you roll your eyes…. let’s have a look at what we mean when we say “starry eyed”.
Being ‘starry eyed’ is about embracing life with its times of darkness, trouble and doubt AND its sunny times of love, frivolity and fun, and tuning ourselves in to the wonder, hope and kindness around us in every situation – ESPECIALLY in the dark, because you know in the dark is when you see the stars, am I right?

Being’ starry eyed’ is about us regular, every-day, extraordinary Mums, going about raising the next generation of Australians, doing our best to be the wives, partners, sisters, daughters and mothers that we need to be; embracing life for what it really is – a roller coaster of ups and downs, good times and bad – and choosing to see the extraordinary wonder, the life-giving hope and the disarming kindness all around us.

When we say “we are the starry eyed” we are making a pact with ourselves and with each other that this year we are going to embrace all of life, and we are going to train ourselves to see the good; to see the wonder, the hope and the kindness in every situation, because there’s always something good happening somewhere.

Wonder, hope and kindness – that’s us for this year. We are really excited to have you along for the journey. This month we are going to be having a chat with our Managing Director, Lexia Smallwood, about MOPS. We are also going to drop straight in on some parenting issues with a look at successful breastfeeding, and MOPS blogger Trish Montgomery will be talking about 5 ways to love your child.

That’s just the start. I’m really excited to work with an amazing group of writers who repeatedly provide great material for us that’s on track with the issues that we face as mums of young children, and helps us to consider, reconsider, regain perspective, and look forward.

Speaking of looking forward – I look forward to this year with you here on the blog. Thank you for coming along for the ride. Check in with us every Monday where we provide some food for thought, some fun, and much needed perspective.
All the best to you! Let me know what you think, and I will catch you next Monday!

Linda Alfredsson
Coordinator of all things blog
MOPS Australia

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