Grow leaders, grow mums, grow your group

It’s early in the year but it’s never too soon to be looking for leaders to add to your team. Not just for succession for next year or the year after – but for the sake of the mums themselves. Equipping mums for leadership is a core purpose of MOPS. 

Identifying women for leadership may seem difficult, so here are a few things to consider as you strive to grow leaders, grow mums and grow your group.

Think about the women in your group. Write down the names that come to mind as you consider these questions:

  • Who’s curious about future plans of the group?
  • Who puts MOPS on her calendar months in advance so she won’t miss a meeting?
  • Who consistently volunteers to help? Who steps in and makes more coffee when the pot is empty?
  • Who is always early or often stays late to chat or help clean up?
  • Who do you notice listening closely to the other mums around the table?
  • Who tells you about the other mums she saw or talked to between meetings?
  • Who do other women go to when they have a question or special need?
  • Who has mentioned something she’d like to see your group do?

Start looking for these new Leaders from the day your group starts meeting. Here are some simple steps to help you involve mums in Leadership:

  • Pray that God brings the right women to your Team. Be patient and aware of the mums around you. Don’t rush to fill a position simply because there is a void.
  • Remind your Christian mums there is always room for them on the Leadership Team.
  • Buy extra copies of the MOPS Leader Handbook and lend them to women to help them catch the vision of MOPS.
  • Recruit to the vision, not the task.
  • Often, potential Leaders need someone to identify their gifts and ask them to become a Leader.
  • Recognise the gifts and talents the mums around you have to offer. MOPS Leadership is a great opportunity for mums to use their gifts and learn new things about themselves.
  • Ask your church leadership if they have suggestions for potential Leaders.
  • Network with the church Women’s Ministry Leader (or someone who is well connected to the mums in the church) to see if she has suggestions for potential Leaders.
  • Host a MOPS informational meeting, sharing details about your group and how mums can be involved.
  • If a mum is hesitant, ask her to help with one or two small tasks to build her confidence so she can see the value she brings to the group. Walk her through the process and encourage her to take the next steps toward a Leadership role.
  • Be open to questions and be ready to share your personal experiences.

REMEMBER: Every group is different. MOPS is designed to run well with just a few Leaders. Consider what you can simplify. Freeing up some time and space will allow you to connect with mums in a whole new way. If you or your Leadership Team are feeling overwhelmed, ask other mums to step in, or engage support from members in your church.

CHALLENGE: If your group has a waiting list and your Leadership Team has more than eight people, consider breaking off into two groups or starting a new group. A waiting list means there are mums who are thirsty for the community your group offers – find a way to open your doors to them.

From Fuel the Fire: Leader Preparation Workbook


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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