Good Cop, Bad Cop

A lot of couples have a “good cop, bad cop” approach to parenting and it’s often dad who plays the “good cop” role.

The trouble with playing good cop, bad cop when it comes to raising kids is that it puts one parent on the spot. They always end up being the bad guy. That’s not fair to the kids — or to the other spouse.

sheriff-badgeThe healthy way to parent is to create a united front and to assume equal roles when it comes to discipline. You should decide as a couple what types of behaviours need to be corrected and what methods of punishment you plan to use. Then clearly articulate those rules to your kids. When a child disobeys work as a team to correct them. It’s always more fun to be a child’s buddy but when kids misbehave what they need most is a firm hand and clear guidance. They need you to be their parent NOT their friend. As they move into adulthood friendship will be built out of respect.

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