“Glass Half Empty” Kids

Some people see the glass as half empty; others see it as half full. Well, kids are no different.

When kids develop a habit of complaining it affects every area of their life. They struggle to get along with others and seldom have many friends. That’s why it’s important to be proactive if you see your child becoming a glass-half-empty kind of person.

glass-half-fullBegin by taking a hard look at your own attitudes and habits. Kids tend to mimic what they see in their parents so if they hear us constantly complaining they’ll do the same. Also, make sure you haven’t been encouraging negative behaviour by giving in to all their demands or coddling them too much. When complaining gets them what they want, why wouldn’t they learn to complain?

Be aware that a perpetually negative child could also be struggling with depression or another mental health condition. Whatever the problem don’t let a negative attitude go untended.

For more on growing positive kids, click on the Focus on the Family website www.families.org.au

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