Girls having fun – at Tassie MOPS Conference

13 - 14 September 2019 
Location: Camp Clayton, Turners Beach 
North West Coast, Tasmania

The ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ soundtrack is playing in the background as the evening begins with intentional elements demonstrating ideas about living life TO THE FULL!

The ‘Have More Fun Challenge’ was a great icebreaker and a chance to meet and chat to some new and familiar people. ‘FUN’ being the operative word, it was ‘all in’ to fulfil that end. With the photo booth on hand, interactive challenges, games and fun food throughout the evening, all contributing to a great start to conference.

Here’s what some of the delegates had to say about it: –

Brilliant launch!
I loved the creative interactive presentation.
Hands on and fun.
Lots of fun to back up the ‘words’.
All the quirky additions, like video clips and movie food.
Social time and relationship development through FUN!
Lovely to have so many people share.
Lots of great elements that show thoughtfulness, photo booth, coffee run, frivolities.
I just loved it!!! Thank you!

MOPS Australia’s Board Chair, Karen Dickson introduced the theme ‘TO THE FULL’.

John 10:10… Jesus came that we may have life and have it to the full.

Give yourself permission to:


Make real connections with real people.

It’s way betterer, much betterer, the bestest thing in the whole world to connect with real people. ~ Karen Dickson

Karen also presented the Hands of MOPS Award 2019 to  Hanna Udy. During her time with MOPS, Hanna has taken on many different roles on the Ulverstone team and is currently coordinating MOPS Kids. It was lovely to witness the delight on the faces of her three children and husband Abe. Congratulations Hanna!!!

Day 2 was packed with great testimonies and practical information.

The keynote address from Karen Dickson gave a great insight into how God looks after his sheep. Jesus describes himself as the door of the sheep. When we enter into salvation, we find protection and provision. Jesus calls his sheep by name. Karen noted how she loves nothing more than ticking off a ‘to do’ list, but a full schedule is not a full life; it’s just a full schedule. Don’t let the schedule drain the life out of life. To do lists are good but let’s think about what drives the list of things to do. Being in the word, abiding in Jesus, and being obedient to what we read is when we’ll find abundant life.

Victorian State Leader, Sarah McIntosh encouraged us to have the attitude of Christ and to recognise the importance of serving. She encouraged us to serve in our teams, to look at how God will work with our people and to delegate, stretch and listen. Be honest and apologise when required. Deal with conflict and serve.

Dianne Hesp, MOPS Devonport Church of Christ, shared on the subject of discussion groups. She emphasised the importance of creating meaningful discussion and relationships and to finding the balance with having fun and being respectful. She suggested that sometimes we need a talking stick to encourage people to have their say and gave practical advice on ways to navigate through difficult discussion times.

Talking about their experience as a MOPS leader, some great pearls of wisdom were shared: –

  • We are culture carriers in the community. ~Kathryn Smith, MOPS Co-ordinator Lauderdale
  • I’m God’s servant for the Mums. ~Beck Salmon, MOPS Lagana
  • Serve your teams and encourage them to serve each other. ~Sarah McIntosh, State Leader Victoria
  • Be yourself and be vulnerable. ~Emma Anderson, Region Leader

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to making the Tassie Conference such an encouraging time. We shall certainly be looking at ways we can integrate some of the ideas into our own MOPS groups and making every effort to HAVE MORE FUN!!

Save the date:
16-18 October, Camp Clayton, Ulverstone

Bronwyn Febey


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