Freedom from Fear

Write, she asked, about freedom from fear, and inside I cringed as my heart raced and my palms grew moist. Who am I to write? I have not conquered fear; yet I am reminded, Fear has not conquered me!

Fear, that thing we feel shamed for owning, has two sides.
It protects ourselves from harm. We fear the ocean depths – the drowning, the creatures that may devour.

It holds us back from joy. We fear the waves rather than ride them. We choose to sit melting on the shore rather than enjoy the cool of the water.

Fear is birthed in many ways. In the stories we are told and the tales we tell ourselves. The truth becomes lost in the storm clouds of our fears. You can’t… You’re not enough… If you…

I’m afraid of heights. The risk of falling is a reality and yet I have never fallen other than over my own feet. I freeze, get dizzy, cry and feel sick to my stomach peering over a balcony. I can’t…

My son is qualified to teach abseiling so I chose to face a fear. Two things enabled me to do this, love and knowledge. I love my son and he loves me. I knew he would do his best to keep me safe and he possessed knowledge to do so. The risks and the feelings of fear had not gone but I had chosen to push through the fear. There were tears, a failed attempt that left me upside down 1 metre over the cliff! “I’ve never seen anyone else do that, Mum!” I regrouped and fought fear with every piece of knowledge and love I had and finally abseiled to the base. I overheard my other son comment to people walking by, “No she doesn’t like it; she’s just determined not to give up.”

Do I love abseiling? No, but do I remember and revel in the feeling of facing a fear and not being conquered by it. For sure!

What are your fears? What do they hold you back from enjoying? What knowledge and love can help you free yourself from them?


Trish Montgomery
MOPS SA Field Staff
(pictured here modelling yellow fur-trimmed dishwashing gloves at a State MOPS Conference in 2016 😀 )

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