Free Indeed

This year, MOPS groups across Australia and the world, are exploring the theme Free Indeed. It got me wondering about the word indeed, and how we don’t tend to use it much these days. So off to the dictionary I went and found this definition:

Used to emphasise a statement or response confirming something already suggested.

Synonyms: …in truth, truly, actually, really, in reality, certainly, surely, for sure, undeniably… .

I think if someone made a movie today, they would be more likely to call it ‘Free Actually’ than ‘Free Indeed’ ?.
Or perhaps, ‘Free literally’ if you have tweens, or ‘Truly Free’, all depending on the genre of course ?.

Then I found this definition for the word free:

Able to act or be done as one wishes; not under the control of another.
not or no longer confined or imprisoned.

Putting these two together I came up with my own definition for Free Indeed:

Free Indeed.

‘Actually able to act as one wishes’.

I like it! There is much freedom in that, much to celebrate.

I think we all know what it is to be too afraid to step out and pursue our dreams. Too afraid to say what we really think.
I think we all know what its like to listen to negative self-talk and allow our fears to drive us or, in fact, keep us stuck, as they do.
All emotion can be traced back to either love or fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Fear keeps us wound up and bound up. To live ‘Free Indeed’ however, is to live free from constraint.
What’s your constraint? What do you need to live free from?

Is it living the way you perceive others want you to live?

Is it dyeing your grey hair because pop culture says you are too young to be grey yet?

Is it sending your child to school because you are afraid of what your family will say if you choose to homeschool?

Is it living with daily anxiety that is sky high?

Is it allowing your imagination to broadcast limiting beliefs to yourself, and then believing them?

Is it living scared because you’ve been hurt before and you don’t want to get hurt again (and the only way to protect yourself is to stay one step removed, to not forgive, to not reach out again – in other words: you are allowing fear to keep you prisoner, because fear says it will keep you safe, but it just keeps you isolated).

Is unforgiveness keeping you trapped?

What about bitterness?

What if we could be free of all these things that hold us back?
This year, let’s take each other by the hand, and be gutsy together. Let’s take the first step, and let love be the loudest voice.

I invite you to join us for the ride and check out our blog every Monday morning. However, if you are pregnant, or a mum of a 0-6 year old, be sure to look for your nearest MOPS group here.

Linda Alfredsson
Region Leader

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