Fostering Hope – Stand Sunday

Our news, airways and social media feeds are filled with coronavirus and restrictions. The world collectively is experiencing a year like never before. Behind the coronavirus news are stories of both hope and sadness. Unfortunately, social isolation, economic hardship, and job loss have led to an increase of domestic violence, abuse and neglect of children. This has lead to an increasing number of children entering out of home care. This is why we are fostering hope through Stand Sunday.

God’s design is for children to live with their biological parents, siblings, and extended family. Whenever a child is removed it is tragic and not God’s plan or design. It leaves a gap for more brokenness and hurt to enter. 

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope is an organisation raising awareness of the need for more homes for Australian children living in out of home care. What we are acutely aware of is that we are inviting people to enter into other people’s broken worlds and bring them into their home. We are also asking people to enter into a broken system. Social workers, lawyers, and others try their hardest to make a decision today that will impact the trajectory of an individual child’s life as well as a birth family and foster/kinship family. 

This is hard work. And just like any hard work and darkness, on the flip side develops incredible joy, light, love and appreciation. The privilege of raising another person’s child, the privilege of that little person trusting and attaching to you, the privilege of walking alongside a birth parent turn their life around and have their child home fulltime, the privilege of seeing extended families transformed, and the privilege of seeing a cycle broken in a family through one child is INCREDIBLE. 

This is how God’s light and love work in each of our lives and the world. We all know that one tiny prick of light will be where our eyes focus. The more we focus on the light, the more the light overtakes the darkness. 

The need in Australia

In Australia, we need more foster and kinship carers. We need more people willing to step into the brokenness and the hard to be the light. To be the light for a child, as well as a birth family and a system that is in desperate need of light and hope. Foster and kinship carers and the kids in their homes also need love and light. They need safe and caring people around them to stand with them to show light and love. 

13 September is Stand Sunday – a day where we are asking people to stand with the foster and kinship carers and the kids in their care in their communities. Celebrate them. And consider how you could respond to this need. 

Mary Dickins

Coordinator Fostering Hope

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