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Want to connect with young families in your community?

A mum is a primary influencer in her family. She raises children, models values, organises the social calendar, and talks about her favourite products to her friends.

A great way to reach families is to provide the kind of ministry that meets the practical needs of mothers and shows they have value.

Mums in the early years of mothering are seeking connection with other mums, ‘time out’ for adult conversation, opportunity to be creative – and strategies to be a great mum. A MOPS group does all those things.

Mums LOVE MOPS! Every week, we hear from mums who are looking for a MOPS group near them where they can experience community and encouragement. That group could be in your church.

Be part of the movement to support mums and families by starting your own MOPS group. We’ll provide your leaders with all the resources they need, training opportunities and lots of encouragement.

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What mums say about MOPS

“I love having those two hours child free to embrace womanhood and our real nitty gritty lives…. MOPS is my favourite thing I do for me. Since joining MOPS my family now fully participates in church.”
Nicole, NSW

“It was fantastic getting a couple of kid-free hours, and morning tea for a fantastic price. The crafts and relevant parenting topics were invaluable.”
Kelly, Qld

“MOPS is one of the best things that happened to me as a mum.”
Bec, Qld