Five Tips for Easter Fun

Kids love traditions, and Easter is a great time to build childhood memories – in fact the whole holiday seems geared towards children. After surveying a pack of other mums (and, I confess, Google), I discovered a range of fun ideas to help children focus on the real meaning of Easter. And the top five picks are:

  • HCB-graphic-v1Good Friday morning tea. After going to church on Good Friday morning (a great way to learn about the first Easter, if you are unsure), invite some of those you met at church back home or to the park for hot cross buns and a playdate. You’ll meet new people, your kids will make friends, and they’ll burn off energy at the same time.


  • Tone down the chocolate. Watching your child guzzle too much chocolate and then spending hours in damage control tends to kill the fun. If you give presents at Easter, consider giving small gifts such as books or craft kits instead of chocolate. Plan ways to forestall overly generous relatives. Make a family policy to use the excess chocolate your children are given as rewards to be doled out over the coming weeks (after a suitable amount has been eaten to celebrate, of course). Putting the occasional Easter egg in your child’s snack box – both before and after Easter – is a great way to hand out a treat without making chocolate the primary focus of Easter.


  • Easter advent eggs. These are a tangible way to unfold the Easter story during the lead-up to Easter while the shops are hammering the consumerism. Purchase a dozen plastic container eggs. Google ‘Easter advent ideas’ and fill the containers with little tokens and references to Bible verses. Talk with your children about the contents and read the verses together.


  • Family time. The Easter holiday is a good opportunity to visit relatives or receive them as guests. Or if you aren’t seeing relatives, you have a long weekend to do whatever family activities you like. Picnics, treasure hunts, camping, family soccer games, flying kites, bushwalks, planting bulbs for spring … the outdoor list is endless and the weather isn’t too freezing (yet J). Plan some fun rainy-day Easter activities; bake hot cross buns or biscuits together, make “Happy Easter” cards for relatives, hard-boil eggs and dye them or decorate Milk Arrowroot biscuits.


  • Sunrise on Resurrection Sunday. Pack hot cross buns and a thermos, dig the kids out of bed and go watch the sunrise. After all, being allowed to get up early and go out for a treat is a novelty for children. If yours are anything like mine they’ll be awake anyway (but you might like to double check what time the sun will rise…). Use the time to read from Matthew chapter 28 and talk to your children about Jesus’ rising to life on the first Easter Sunday.


Elissa Moss

Tuggeranong MOPS

and MOPS Media Team





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