Finding Your Fire in 2019

I love the start of a new year. Blank pages in a diary. A new calendar hanging on the wall. A blank slate, with days that stretch ahead full of the unknown. I also love filling those pages, making plans, organising myself, my family and others.

As January 1st rolled around, I started thinking about the MOPS blog, and I found myself hesitating. Writers needed to be found. Topics chosen. Articles written. A schedule submitted. As I started to feel overwhelmed by the decisions that needed to be made and the work that was to be done, I found a moment of clarity that stilled everything.

I found myself thinking about the women, the mothers, who make up our readers. I thought of the endless possibilities that lie ahead, in which one woman can share a thought, an experience, or word of encouragement, that goes on to change another woman’s life. The stories we share on the blog connect us, and offer a platform for encouraging each other in a powerful and far reaching way. They pave the way for the ‘me too’ moments that we can not only experience in a MOPS group, but also across our country and the world. And that is something very special that I look forward to.

This year our MOPS theme is Find Your Fire. My hope is that the articles you read and share on the blog each Monday will do just that. May they help you to live expectantly, thinking about what could go right. May they give you the courage to surrender daringly, boldly stepping forward to let things go. And may they allow you to breathe freely, as you let yourself be loved.

Dear reader, you are in my thoughts as you step into 2019 –  as you fill your calendar with plans and write new experiences onto the blank pages of this new year. Thank you for being on this motherhood journey with us. I hope the stories that are shared here will affirm and encourage you. I can’t wait to get reading with you.

   Catherine Begley      Blog Administrator



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