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MOPS Conference

MOPS Australia has just passed 21 years! So, on Saturday so we held a party! We invited all our friends to our 21st birthday conference – the Every Mum Conference. Over 200 women joined the celebration – leaders, mums, and special guests from around Australia, as well as our keynote speakers from MOPS International. We also added a Friday night Theme Launch for our MOPS group leaders.

We mostly met virtually, but there were little clusters of leaders and mums in in-person hubs in Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia. It wasn’t the way we first anticipated we might celebrate this milestone, but the Every Mum Conference was still an amazing event, with many great speakers and shareable moments.

The speakers were awesome. The contribution by MOPS Field Leaders was fantastic! Tim Ellis, our magician, was good fun. The support from past MOPS leaders was inspirational. Music from Peter Shurley was soothing and timely. And the greetings from the worldwide MOPS community was encouraging.

Here are some of our delegates’ favourite quotes and takeaways.

Main sessions

Mandy Arioto, President and CEO, MOPS International

The way to change THE world is to change OUR world.

Fear doesn’t get the last word. Love gets the last word.

We have this thing in our family that you don’t get a free pass not to operate in the Fruit of the Spirit just because someone else isn’t.

So, Gen Z is out there capturing their TikTok dancing with perfect editing, but they’re also taking care of each other, and asking important questions, and looking for ways to make the world a better place. So I have so much hope for this generation.

Sherri Crandall, VP of Global Ministries and Leadership Experience, MOPS International

When you’re doing the juggle in your life, remember that the things you value most are made of glass. The other things are rubber balls. You get to decide what is glass and what is rubber. You can drop a rubber ball and it will bounce away. It’s the glass balls that you can’t afford to drop.

Ground your purpose in a greater purpose. The big story is not what we do; it’s what God has done.

Kelly Burstow, Be A Fun Mum

Don’t try to be the mum you’re not. Accept WHO YOU ARE, and bring WHO YOU ARE to your parenting.

Time isn’t a line; it’s a backdrop to living. Moments we experience are flexible but still anchored.

Go outside and watch an insect for one minute.

Don’t separate things that are beautifully entangled.

Amina Mendez Acosta, Centre for Global Development

Do something beyond yourself – wherever you are.

Chase significance. Success in life is not just economic prosperity. 

Sallyanne Patten, MOPS Connect Leader

We can engage other people with open hearts, and go to extremes to love well, because we have a God who shows us how it’s done.

Emma Wiedermann, MOPS Connect Leader

Even our enemies are made in the image of God and they are worthy of dignity and respect.

Let’s take up the challenge this year to love the difficult, out of the box (sometimes unlovely) people. Let’s shine the light of Jesus to our hurting world. You’ll never know the impact you might have, what the ripple effects will be, when you choose to love.

Something Fun sessions

Tim Ellis, Magician

The purpose of magic is not to try to solve it. Magic is there to be enjoyed, like a play or a movie.

Psst. I’ll show you how to do this trick and you can impress your kids! 😉

“Dolly Parton” 😊

When I’m not writin’ number one hits, I’m readin’ about kangaroos and whatnot. Happy birthday MOPS. Dolly loves ya.

Workshop sessions

Emily Dickinson, Novus Global

The goal is not comfort, the goal is growth.

Jodie Cooper, Family Discipleship

Lovingly discipline – on God’s behalf, not for your will or purposes.

Suzie Bottross, Gen J

Do measurable health checks on your spiritual growth. Check up on these four areas: Relationship with God, Inner life, Relationship with believers, and Influence in the world.

From our MOPS Alumni

Donna Hill, former MOPS Australia Field Manager

MOPS has been such a big part in my life, and I’m grateful for it. I’m indebted to the leaders who went before me and gave me opportunities to serve and grow. … MOPS has informed so much of my leadership. How I do ministry and how I do life has been so blessed by the experiences, the training and mentoring that I received.

Julie Prattis, founder of MOPS Australia

Playschool was on and the baby was asleep, so I grabbed the wash basket and rushed out to the clothes line. And it was there, that an ordinary day became a turning point in my life. …  In the year 2000, MOPS Australia was born. … It has been a privilege to be involved in this wonderful story.

So much gold

There were a dozen interactive sessions on offer after lunch and it was hard to choose just two! Thankfully, delegates can access all conferences sessions ‘on demand’ for the next 90 days. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on all the sessions you missed!

Special thanks once again to our sponsors for making the Every Mum Conference possible.

Feel like you missed out?

We are working on a plan to open up registrations for people to access all of the content from the Every Mum Conference on demand.

Please fill in this form to register your interest.

Lexia Smallwood
MOPS Office Coordinator

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