Evaluating Your Disciplinary Methods

All parents want to raise well-disciplined children, but not all forms of discipline work for all kids.

When it comes to getting kids to obey, you have to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Some kids respond well to clearly stated rules while others want to constantly test your resolve. In many ways, discipline is a matter of trial and error. If one form of correction doesn’t do the job you need to try something else.

One good way to evaluate the effectiveness of your discipline is to keep a chart. Over the course of a week write down every time you have to correct a child. In one column write their behaviour and in the next write out the form of discipline you used. In a third column list how the child responded. It’s a simple approach but a great way to recognise negative patterns of behaviour and to figure out whether your discipline is working or not.

For more on growing disciplined kids, go to www.families.org.au

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