Enjoy your children whilst they are little

Do you know that overwhelming feeling when an older lady tells you to enjoy every moment you have with your children whilst they are little, because “you’ll never get it back”? As a mother of teens and pre-teens I can tell you that, while it is true that you are doing all you can to enjoy your children whilst they are little, you are usually just too tired, mentally and physically, to remember it!

Here is something else I have learned; we will never get any part of any day back. It doesn’t stop because they grow a few years older. Each stage of their lives is precious and brings its own memories that we never want to forget. Even the hard times are beautiful as we develop and learn from them. Bad times make the good times that much sweeter.

We can feel burdened by the pressure of “enjoying them whilst they are little”, but we can also look at it from another angle.

Lean into the moments you have; take pictures to remember the good, the bad, the sweet and the beautiful. If it’s what you love, journal or scrapbook and include a thumbprint, drawing or picture from your child. If they are old enough, ask your child what their favourite part of the day is. They often have less expectations than we do and will help direct what we put our energy into. Maybe their favourite part of the day is reading books together before bed. This could be one moment you consistently share together, a special moment to enjoy your child whilst they’re little.

Mumma, keep doing what you do best and rest in the knowledge that, even if you don’t remember spending the time and enjoying them whilst they are little, they will.

Toni Rae Burford
SA Region Leader

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