Easter looks a little different this year


As Easter approaches, our world has entered an unsettled and, at times, fear-filled time. All around us events have been cancelled, our usual schedules are paused, and we are socially isolated and staying at home.

Traditionally in our home, Easter is a time of multiple church services, kid’s church lessons and crafts of Jesus on the cross and Easter egg hunts with family and friends. All of these involve activities with other people, which won’t be happening this year.

I have come to the realisation that in past years I have relied too heavily on others to ‘cover’ Easter with my children. I love when they come home from school and church with crafts (which I didn’t have to facilitate).  They proudly show me what they learnt about Jesus and the true meaning of the season. My part has always been to remind them that this celebration isn’t just about chocolate. It’s about Jesus, who loved us so much that he died on the cross and was raised to life again. He went through this to forgive us for the ways we mess up, and to bring us back into relationship with God.

Easter this year

This year is going to be different. It is up to me to get creative and bring the message of Easter to our home. We may not be able to celebrate with family or friends, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start new traditions within our own home. There are plenty of materials around the house that we can turn into creative crafts and object lessons. We can have our own Easter egg hunt in the back yard. We can watch movies and episodes of shows that talk about Easter. And we can read stories together each night. After all, the only real Easter story we need is the one we find in the Bible.

So while we may miss spending the weekend with our family and friends, let me encourage you to be creative and hopeful in this time. We don’t need church services, fancy crafts or complicated stories to teach our children about Easter. All we need is ourselves, and time at home. Which, given our current circumstances, we have plenty of.

During this difficult time in our world, the message and hope that Easter offers us is a shining light. Even when things seem hopeless, Jesus offers us love, hope and comfort. Let us lean on Him and remind our families and ourselves that He is all we need.

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