Dos and don’ts for the school holidays

The school holidays are upon us! I have found that mothers tend to either react with joy or groan (inwardly or audibly) at the thought of their kids being home for two weeks straight. There’s no judgement here ladies! Whether you’re a working mum or a stay-at-home mum school holidays have the potential to be incredibly fun….and incredibly stressful.

I have compiled a list of hopefully helpful tips and encouragement to get you and your little ones through these two weeks whilst retaining your smile and your sanity!

DO create a “wish list” with your kids of things they’d like to do these holidays. It is always helpful for kids to be able to see what’s planned (or not planned) each day. This may also help eliminate the relentless asking of “what are we doing tomorrow mum?”

DO research free holiday activities in your area. Libraries and shopping centres tend to be great for this. One place we attend almost weekly is the pet shop. My boys absolutely LOVE it and it’s completely free! All those cute animals and fish. What’s not to love?!

DON’T neglect yourself. If you need some space, make it happen! Enlist the help of a babysitter or family member and take some time out. Catch up with a friend or have a pedicure. If all else fails, lock yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes to take a breather. It’s OK, your kids will survive.

DO let the kids stay in their pyjamas and have movie days and toasted sandwiches for dinner. We love slow pyjama days in my household.

DO be present with your children. I know this is something we can all struggle with. Kids know when we aren’t fully in the moment. If we’re distracted, we run the risk of missing special moments that we won’t get back. Dare I say it…put your phone completely away for a while. Make some precious memories with your little loves.

DON’T freak out about mess. Or at least try to scream internally. There will be mess. Even better, plan to get messy with your kids! Make a mess in the kitchen while baking with your kids. They will love it. The end result of yummy food is an added bonus!

DON’T compare yourself to other mums. Maybe a mum you know can afford to fly her kids interstate during the holidays. Or maybe you have to work and your kids are at vacation care (no doubt having a blast!). YOU are the best mum for your kids and you are doing a stellar job.

DO enjoy your beautiful little humans these holidays.

Paula Miller
MOPS Blog Administrator


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