Do You Need a Mummy Reset Day?

Do you ever stop and wonder when was the last time you just sat and cuddled with your kids? When was the last time you gave them a really good tickle – you know, the kind that makes their little bodies hunch over in spasms of laughter?

I have moments when I feel like life has just turned into one event after another. The days start to look like this: meal time, get in the car, activity, meal time, back in the car, nap time, meal time, get in the car, activity, etc.

Instead of cultivating my relationship with my kids, my engagement with them becomes all about the hustle.

“Okay, go to the toilet. Get your shoes on. What’s that in your mouth? Come on – we’re late!”

Now, we all have busy days, but when they start to accumulate, one after the other, relationships suffer.

When I start to feel constantly frazzled by my kids, instead of delighted by them, I know it’s time for a “Mummy Reset Day”.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Clear the schedule for one whole day, so we don’t have to go anywhere. If you have school children or a job, this will probably need to be on the weekend.
  • Have a slow, easy breakfast. We take our time and make everyone’s favourites. My three year old has porridge, my five year old has honey on toast and the baby… well, he doesn’t have favourites yet.
  • Then we spend the day doing fun stuff that the kids enjoy. We sit together and read a pile of books. We get out the playdough and all the accessories. We might even do some painting!
  • At some point, I take the kids outside and try to get them involved in something adventurous. This might be pushing each other on their bikes down the hill or climbing the olive tree to pick its fruit.
  • In the afternoon, I get the kids to help me bake banana bread or fry up some blueberry pancakes. They love helping me tip in the ingredients, mix up the batter and mash the bananas.
  • Then we finish up with a bubble bath and some TV time.

The house may look a little messier after spending a day this way, but it’s well worth it for the result of reconnecting with my little ones. And connected families are happy families.

Jessica Harvey


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