Riding the COVID-19 storm as a family

It’s been an interesting time for us all, hasn’t it? How are you and your family handling this COVID-19 storm? Do you, like me, have good days, and then bad ones as well? Are you really enjoying having the kids around, but then sometimes go and hide away from them in the cupboard or the bathroom? Do you feel positive about how things are going around the world, then crash into anxiety and fear? You’re not alone.

My Facebook feed is filled with advice and commentary, some helpful, some not. I sometimes have to fight the temptation to respond! Below are just a couple of things I do to help me ride the current storm we are all in.

Live in the moment, focus on today

If I start wondering when this COVID-19 storm will end, or how we will all be in 3 or even 6 months time, I begin to catastrophise and can no longer function effectively. Mindfulness helps me to stop this (try the Smiling Mind app). Or I go out for a walk with my husband and the dog to clear my head (rain, hail or shine!).

Find joy and give thanks amidst the anxiety

Today I am choosing to find joy in the sunshine, the warm cup of coffee I had at breakfast, the playfulness of our new kitten. I have also been watching David Attenborough’s One Planet, Seven Continents on TV, to remind myself that our world is indeed a beautiful place, with high, snow-peaked mountains, gorgeous sunsets, strange and wonderful creatures. I listen to fun and uplifting music and sing along or dance.


I thought I’d also share some things you can watch or do with your families!

https://www.teachingresilience.com.au/freedownloads Look for the free author read alouds.

100 things to do while stuck at home! Hopefully there is something here you like!

A video clip to get everyone up and dancing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rLhJZTHYo4

Tips on how to keep physically and mentally well:

A UK book for children on coronavirus:

How to do some magic tricks!

We can and will weather this COVID-19 storm!

Sarah McIntosh
MOPS Field Manager

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