Conflict resolution 

download (20)The secret to a healthy marriage isn’t in how you avoid conflict, but in how you learn to resolve it.

In a relationship, avoiding conflict isn’t healthy.  That’s called living in denial.  The key to building a strong bond with your spouse is developing a healthy system of conflict resolution.  Here are 3 great tips for keeping conflict in line.

First, Begin by seeing marriage as a partnership.  Marriage should be seen couple-915984_960_720from a “we” perspective, not an “I” one.

Second, when conflict comes, it should be handled quickly and decisively.  You deal with it, then get past it.  Never see it as a personal matter, just a decision you need to work through before moving forward.

And finally, when resolving an argument, always have a give-and-take attitude.  All partnerships demand a lot of compromise.

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