Become a confident mum

Are you a confident mum? Are any of us totally confident mums? Motherhood can make us feel like we are drowning and confidence is the boost we need to keep us afloat. I have found that being confident in myself has really helped me in my mothering journey.

But HOW do we become more confident?

Start with setting yourself goals. Start small and work up to the larger ones. We don’t expect our baby to walk straight away. We watch them roll over, then crawl, take their first steps and then we excitedly watch them walk!

Try new things all the time. We are changing every day and we may now like something we didn’t last year; just like introducing vegetables to our children- they didn’t like it the first three times, but we persisted and it’s now the only one they love for the rest of their life!

Don’t listen to the doubts in your mind- question them. Ask others what they think, use them as sounding boards and then have a good conversation with yourself to see if those doubts are worth listening to. After all, we know ourselves better than anyone else!

Spend more time with people you see as role models. When we spend time with others, we learn how to emulate their behaviour and use it in our own lives. It could be someone at school, in your family or at church. It could also be someone at MOPS!

Smile! Smiling when we’re feeling down can actually make us happy! When we are feeling depleted, do a Peter Pan and think happy thoughts, put a smile on and fake it until you make it!

Set time aside for yourself and do it regularly. Finding time for yourself is hard but it brings out that part of you that isn’t just being a mum. It will rejuvenate your mind, giving you more energy and better focus.

By taking small steps of confidence you will build yourself up to tackle the big ones. This is how you become a confident mum.

Toni Rae Burford
SA Region Leader

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