Some days…

My day did not start well. By 9:30am I was sitting on my kitchen floor crying my eyes out…

Some days are like that. Days where you end up feeling incredibly overwhelmed with all that’s required of you for the week ahead. That is exactly what happened this morning. I was feeling unwell, I had a blog to write, I needed to pack for our trip away, needed to get groceries, clean for our rent inspection tomorrow and all while my two boys were demanding my attention. Plus I have been desperately trying to get my toilet-training 2.5 year old back on track.

So all I really wanted to do was go back to bed and sleep the day and this sickness away. As we all know, though, that is not an option for us mums.

This gig is hard. Mothering, wife-ing … just life-ing in general … is hard some days! As women we have the innate ability to just ‘get on with things’. But some days that is easier said than done and life gets the better of us.

It is OK to have days like that. To fall in a heap. To need to ask for help. It is amazing how quickly the guilt sets in when we temporarily stop coping with being everything to everyone! In an ideal world I would love to ditch my to-do list on a daily basis and just play with my kids. But that’s not realistic. Some days there are deadlines and things must get done.

I received an encouraging message from a dear friend and that was all it took to get me off the floor and to start tackling one job at a time.

I am not an advocate for using television as a babysitter but this morning I did just that. And for once I did not feel guilty at all. I put the telly on and wrote my blog. Phew. One job down. And the load started to feel lighter. Some days it is absolutely OK to do whatever is necessary to just get by!

We as mums need to give ourselves more grace. We carry so much weight on our shoulders, it should be expected we have moments of not coping! Yet we can easily beat ourselves up if we don’t always have it ‘together’. We are mums so it goes without saying that we are all super humans but we are also still just HUMANS.

So the next time you have a day like this…put the telly on for the kids. Leave the dishes. Stay in your pyjamas. Call a friend. Cry on the kitchen floor. Then dust yourself off and keep going. You’ve got this (cue fist pump!).

Paula Miller
MOPS Blog Administrator

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