Changing seasons

What an emotional, beautiful and teary day I have had. My daughter is now six. Where has this time gone? I was just looking at her baby pics. I remember that day so well; I had my girl, my beautiful precious daughter. I stared in awe for hours, dreaming and praying for her future.
Now today, as we celebrated with her friends and watched her class perform their assembly item, I know I am blessed. Seeing her smile, her confidence and joy for life, and her joy to be surrounded by her gorgeous friends, warms my heart. My prayer is for her to always know how deeply she is loved, how precious she is to us and above all that she is a daughter of the King. What more could a Mum ask for?
seasons1A bitter-sweet part of my day was MOPS. I had been privileged to be in leadership at MOPS and attended for almost six years. Recently I came to a very hard decision – to step out of my leadership roles. I know it is right but still is hard in many ways. Our beautiful team gave me the most precious gifts; I was completely moved.
I love MOPS. I love everything we stand for in encouraging and equipping mums. MOPS is a huge part of me. I have come to realise for myself in this ‘season of depression’ that to be the best I can be means stopping what I do and letting go of what I love. For a season. I hold onto many memories and incredible friendships to cherish forever. I believe life seasons are God’s way of showing us that although things on earth change, He never does.
We had a beautiful speaker this morning. In talking of what thankfulness looks like for her, she shared a most precious comment: “Grieve for a season and then start LIVING.” Who knew that these words spoken today would speak to me so deeply?
I am hanging onto the light that is flickering – more recently it has not been quite as bright but it is still there. Some seasons go quickly. Some are a bit like our weather and can come all at once. It is what it is. I am learning to accept this.
seasons2I want to start living fully again; to live with a passion, with a fire inside me to encourage others. I want to say to say mental illness, “You have not destroyed us, there is HOPE.” Tomorrow is a new day. I want to rebuke the lies, the broken records playing in our heads, and be hostage to these no more. I want you to believe and accept that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made, and for us to naturally speak encouragement, love and truth to each other. Do not wait until the season is over to finally believe you are worthy of receiving praise for the good things about you.
So I can go into each day knowing you can do it, with God’s strength and grace.
Season of depression, however long you last for I am thankful for all you are teaching me. I am even more thankful, as I watch my daughter, and consider the other ways I am also blessed: my husband who is my rock; also the most amazing, real, caring, understanding friends and family who love and accept me just as I am.

Liz Marsh
MOPS Australia

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