Be Gutsy!

What comes to mind when I say “be gutsy”? Maybe you think of skydiving, karaoke, mountain climbing or public speaking. Maybe you think of letting your child go on a tall climbing frame, pulling out the glitter or splashing in muddy puddles. Maybe just getting out of bed in the morning and facing a new day takes guts. Continue reading “Be Gutsy!”

Free To Love – Healthy Expectations

Ok I confess: I am an avid watcher of ‘Married at First Sight’! I know, I know, it adds no value to my life, and the show is probably manipulated to make viewing more exciting but I have become addicted nevertheless. I suspect my ‘girly’ love of beautiful weddings and my romantic love of ‘happily ever after’ stories has caused me to be sucked in. Continue reading “Free To Love – Healthy Expectations”

Let Love Be The Loudest Voice!

What’s the big deal with the 3 simple words ‘I love you’?

As a midwife I cared for a woman having her second child just last week and her first words when she took her little girl in her arms, through sobs of joy, was ‘I love you so much’.  I don’t have to tell you that it was a pretty special moment. Continue reading “Let Love Be The Loudest Voice!”

A glance in the rear vision mirror before we proceed

I have a 16 year old son who is learning to drive.  He has only just this week sat for his Learner’s licence, and so it has begun with the basic foundational principles, like the importance of checking your mirrors before you move off.

Coming to the end of another calendar year, I thought we could take a quick look in the rear vision mirror before we move off into a New Year. Continue reading “A glance in the rear vision mirror before we proceed”