The tip of the iceberg (lettuce)

love-1139688__180 (1)Why is it so hard to say sorry to the people who matter the most? Like hubby, like children, like mum or mother in law?  Why is it even harder to ask for their forgiveness!

The first time someone asked me for forgiveness, I was struck by their humbleness, their honesty, their genuineness.  It wasn’t like accidentally bumping someone in the supermarket and saying, “Oh sorry!”, or forgetting an extra nappy at childcare and covering it up with a ‘sorry’.

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Making Passion a Priority

4415770896_4ce511b2e5_oIt has been said that sex makes little kids and having kids makes for little sex!

Unfortunately this is so true especially in the early years of parenting. Life can feel like an episode of ‘Survivor’ where each day we face a major battle just to keep everyone fed, clothed, relatively safe and the house in some sort of order; and making love to the one we love most can fall way down on our ‘to do’ list. There always seems to be something else that urgently needs our attention and energy – but nothing is more important than nurturing your relationship with the man you love.

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