You’re invited to the 2022 Every Mum Conference

Are you knee deep in nappies? Or juggling the many activities your kids are part of? Then the Every Mum conference has something for you. Be encouraged and equipped as a mother, a woman and a leader. This conference is open to all mums. You don’t need to be involved in MOPS or share a Christian faith background. Speakers and workshop presenters will cover many topics on parenting, personal development, leadership and spiritual growth.

We are so excited to have six in-person hub locations around Australia so that you have the opportunity to connect with other mums face to face. Make it a girls’ weekend away with some friends!

Life throws so many demands and curveballs so we designed the Every Mum Conference with flexibility in mind. Your ticket gives you access to all of the content online, even if you register to attend in-person. You also get 90 days of on-demand access afterwards.

The details

Date: Saturday 22nd October (with Friday night sessions too where you can join MOPS Australia leaders in leadership training and find out about the new theme for 2023- We Go Together)

Time: Run live 9 am to 6 pm AEDT (each timezone has a suggested agenda on the website using the on-demand features when needed)

Format: In-person at a hub OR online  including interactive workshop session options

Registration is open now so don’t miss out.

We have a giveaway going from one of our sponsors- Month of Sundays. Register now to be in the draw to win one of their past subscription boxes.

Some fun features

  • Attendee website for virtual and app for in-person- you will get a log in to view the content, find out more about speakers and interact with other attendees
  • Connect with other attendees you know around the country through a messaging option- particularly great for those joining online
  • Virtual exhibition hall: not only can you find out more about our amazing sponsors but also browse the virtual market booths for our Mumma’s online market for some shopping fun. Could be a good way to get some early Christmas shopping done! (see more info below)

Register now

Have more questions? Check out the information in the link above, then email if you still have questions.

We cannot wait to gather online or in-person for Every Mum Conference. You’re invited. Share that invitation with your friends too.

Mumma’s Online Market

We still have places available for online booths – mini web pages within the Conference Website, where mums can advertise their goods, services or organisation – which are just $10 and you also get access to the Conference.
If you are a:
* mum with a hobby
* mum running a business
* mum that’s part of an organisation
* mum with anything you’d like to promote
It’s an easy step-by-step process that can include as much or as little as you want, links to products, and even live chats with customers.
Please get in touch to find out more about setting up a Virtual Booth as part of the Conference with over 200 “attendees” browsing 🙂
Cut off to have exhibitors registered will be Monday 10 October so get in touch ASAP:

Don’t forget to tell all your mummy friends!


Our key sponsors make this event possible:


Vision Christian Radio

Encouraging New Dads

At MOPS we are all about mums! But we are also about supporting families, and we acknowledge fathers’ important role in their children’s lives. We have just celebrated Father’s Day and, for some people, it can be a day full of mixed feelings. Grieving a father they have lost, or the fact they never had a good father figure can make the day a hard one. It’s tough, as fathers have such an important role in our lives. That’s why we must be encouraging new dads to be the best they can be.

Continue reading “Encouraging New Dads”

Pausing to be present

When was the last time you paused in your day to be truly present and grateful? We can get so caught up in all the demands of taking care of kids, work and managing a household. Our lives slip past are a frightening pace. Our kids morph and grow before our eyes and we know that they will be an adult and gone all too soon. Or maybe it is just me that forgets to be present? Continue reading “Pausing to be present”

Legacy of love

When I die, there will be no monument erected in my honour. There will be no State funeral or a big news story to tell of my passing. And I am okay with this. I am okay with this because I desire to leave a legacy of love in my sphere of influence, no matter how small it may be. Continue reading “Legacy of love”

Perfection is my undoing

Aiming for perfection has become my undoing! How often have you found yourself thinking ‘once everything is in place then I’ll be ready to enjoy this moment’? Once I have finished the to-do list, sorted the washing, or made the beds! The lists are never-ending I know! Why do we set such high expectations on ourselves before we can really be present in each moment? Continue reading “Perfection is my undoing”

Motherhood Triage

When I was a mother of preschoolers, my own mum gave me wonderful advice on ‘how to do it all’. The short answer is – you can’t! Some people will tell you whilst the baby is asleep to clean the house – it’s so quiet and peaceful.  Others will say, no, that’s the time to have a sleep yourself! Then there are the debates on sleeping (co-sleeping or separate? Crying or soothing?), feeding (bottle or breast? Pureed food or baby-led?), toilet training (from birth? When they ask?) and a myriad of other choices that can loom large in a mother’s mind. Continue reading “Motherhood Triage”

Deep work to address unhealthy drivers

Motherhood seems to magnify all those insecurities and issues that lie buried within. They seem to be easier to mask when you aren’t responsible for this little person and facing the stressors that come with that. Add to that the deep desire not to pass on issues to my daughter. Then add the responsibility of teaching this child how to deal with her emotions and function as a whole human being. I am grateful for the incentive to do the deep work in myself that will in turn benefit her. Continue reading “Deep work to address unhealthy drivers”