Blank space

We are well and truly into the new year (how is it February already?!) and, I know for a lot of people, 2020 may already feel too busy. Finding the seemingly irretrievable balance in life is a constant struggle for many of us. We want to live our lives to the full but simply end up with full schedules instead. We need blank space in our weeks.

Accomplishing everything on our never ending to-do list, spending quality time with our children and significant other, finding time to cook and clean, looking after ourselves physically and mentally all while maintaining a social life and getting a solid 8 hours sleep at night….is this even achievable?

This is still a work in progress for me but this year it is my goal to let go of expectations and overachieving and have more blank space. Space for play, space for breathing, space for fun! This is what living life to the full looks like – having more fun, fearing less and finding our people.

Blank space in our planners is not a bad thing. As women we are incredible at multitasking. Experts in the field you could say. We often try to achieve everything on our to-do list in one day. But prioritising the most important jobs and potentially leaving the rest (creating blank space) is much more attainable.

It is also hard to complete tasks or spend intentional quality time with our loved ones when we succumb to distractions. We are all guilty of this! Distractions are the main reason there “aren’t enough hours in the day”. It is possible to decrease or eliminate distractions. For example, if your phone is an issue put it on aeroplane mode for an hour so you won’t be tempted by the ding of a message while you play with your kids or spend time with your hubs.

I am (slowly) learning that the busyness of my family’s week really does fall on my shoulders. If I say yes to far too many things nobody copes well. It is OK to say “NO”. It can be a great word to use at times! It’s OK to create space in our lives. I’ve become more protective of my (and my family’s) time. It is precious and we don’t get it back!

My goal is to prioritise what is most important to me and my family. And the rest can wait!

Will I look back at the end of the year and regret leaving that phone call or load of washing? Or will I be glad I stopped and took the time to build LEGO with my son instead? This isn’t always possible obviously, but the mini moments you grab with your children (even a quick snuggle before bedtime) will have lasting effects. We will have created blank space to allow us to live life to the full.

Enjoy some blank space in 2020 ladies!

Paula Miller
MOPS Blog Administrator

Maybe you’ve not left enough blank space in your week and now need some space of your own. MOPS is a wonderful place for this exact thing. To find a MOPS in your area look here.



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