Being the mum you aspire to be

I’m sure we’ve all been there. That moment where you find yourself doing or saying something to your kids that you promised yourself you never would. Or the moment you realise that you aren’t doing things the way that you thought that you would.

It’s easy before we become mums to set high expectations on ourselves. For me, I was going to be one of those mums that always had homemade, wholesome snacks for her kids. I wouldn’t ever put a sugar filled, additive packed muesli bar in my kid’s lunch box. Ever. I would also be calm and rational, at all times.

I’m sure that you are laughing right now, as you would know that of course my kids have had muesli bars in their lunchboxes (on many occasions), and I have certainly not always reacted calmly or rationally. And something that I have come to realise is that that is ok. Are my children fed? Yes. Are my children loved? Yes. Is it ok that I am constantly readjusting my expectations on myself? Yes.

Because every day and life stage is different. As a mother I am constantly learning, growing, making mistakes, getting things right, and changing. And it’s a beautiful process. Because I have given myself the freedom to make mistakes, and then to aspire to be better with each new morning.

I no longer hold to an ‘ideal’ picture of how I think I should be as a mum. I am constantly dreaming and aspiring to learn, and aiming to be better tomorrow, while at the same time knowing that today I still did my best, and that is enough.


Catherine Begley
MOPS Field Leader

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