Backyard adventures

backyard adventures

Stuck at home? With your kids? Day after day after day?! SAME! And if you’re anything like me, your initial motivation to plan fun, enticing activities on the daily is waning. 

My lack of motivation tends to result in me resorting to screen-time. Don’t get me wrong, digital entertainment definitely has its place in our world! But there are many simple activities that help get kids outside and active, burning off some of that crazy energy. There are a multitude of adventures to be had in your own backyard. Here are just a few ideas for backyard adventures!

Backyard camping

We “backyard camped” just last weekend. Now while not a lot of sleeping took place, the kids were incredibly excited. Snuggling in sleeping bags, reading stories by torchlight and having to walk in flip-flops to the toilet in the middle of the night all create a somewhat genuine camping experience. Setting up the tent and bedding is all part of the fun too!

Dinosaur dig

Bury some toy dinosaurs in the garden or sandpit and send your kids off on a dinosaur dig! You could even draw a map for them to follow in their search for their prehistoric friends.

Bug hunt

My youngest son could look at bugs for hours. They really are fascinating. Following ant trails, discovering worms and slaters under rocks, finding snail trails first thing in the morning are all such fun for kids. You could turn it into a biology lesson and discuss the different parts of an ant or other insect. Add magnifying glasses for extra fun.

Chalk art

Give kids a box of chalk and they’ll surprise you with their creativity! Let their imaginations roam free or just create a giant game of hopscotch. Write happy messages on your driveway for neighbours to see. (A family near us did this and we love riding past to see their joyful drawings!)

Sunflower race

Have each family member plant some sunflower seeds in different spots and have a competition to see which flower grows the biggest! Sunflowers are fast growing so your kids will have almost instant gratification. It can be their job to make sure each plant is watered every day.

Cloud spotting

When I was a kid I really loved lying on the trampoline with a sibling or two, looking up at the clouds and telling each other what we saw. Now my kids and I love to do this too. Elephants, dragons, teddy bears…the possibilities are endless. Such a simple activity can be a great bonding experience.

Water play

As the saying goes…If in doubt add water! My kids love having a bucket of water and a paintbrush each to paint the fence with. So simple but so fun.

Give them a squirty bottle each and get them to water the plants! Helpful and fun!

Fill up a big tub or bucket with soapy water, add a few scrubbing brushes or cloths and a bunch of toys and let the kids give their toys a bath! My kids never seem to tire of this. One will end up washing while the other dries. Or they end up putting their feet in and giving themselves a bath! Bonus of outside play = less mess!

I hope these ideas inspire you to embark on your own backyard adventures!

Paula Miller
MOPS Blog Administrator

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