How do you “mum” during seasons of pressure?

Ever felt your body was so full you thought it would pop? Has your head ever had so many thoughts you felt dizzy? Has your heart ever been so broken you thought it would never beat again? The experiences of seasons of pressure.

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Mother bird

We have a pair of magpies at our place that have become quite friendly. They visit us and, in return, we give them bird-friendly treats*. Sometimes they sing to us. A month or two ago, they changed their visiting pattern and came one at a time. Instead of eating what we gave them, they would accumulate the food in their beaks, and fly off over the house roofs to a distant tree. It was clear they had a young one in the nest. They were now a mother bird and father bird.

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Handling the transition to work-at-home mum

“I feel like I have no time for fun anymore,” I said to my husband in a moment of bleak honesty. “All I do is work after the kids are asleep, then go to bed.”
I had recently started working from home. While I was thankful to be bringing in some money, I was finding the transition to work-at-home mum a bit bumpy. Continue reading “Handling the transition to work-at-home mum”

“I’m sorry, but you have breast cancer.”

I’m so sorry Mrs James, but you have breast cancer …..

Never ever did I ever expect to hear those words being spoken to me. Let alone at the age of 40.

But here I was on 1st March 2019, sitting with my husband in the doctor’s office in the Breast Clinic at Royal Perth Hospital, experiencing this almost out of body experience.  Continue reading ““I’m sorry, but you have breast cancer.””

Talking to children so they actually listen

‘Listen to me!’ A familiar cry that we overhear from a frustrated parent in a busy shopping centre. We want our children to listen to us when we speak to them. We don’t want to have to repeat ourselves. Ideally, we want our kids to get what we ask them to do right – the first time. We want our kids to hear our instructions so they don’t get hurt. 

So, how can we help our kids listen to us? Here are a few suggestions to help your children to listen: Continue reading “Talking to children so they actually listen”