Better mums…. Make a better world.

It had been one of those weeks.

I forgot to send my children’s homework back. I had shouted at my highly emotional daughter. I realised that I was stressing my already anxious 5-year old out before he went to school, and hadn’t hugged my 12 year old in a week. We had take-away three times in four days, since I couldn’t get myself together in the kitchen. And I have a special needs family that need stability and calm- I need to tell you, I have the stability and calm of tumbleweed.

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The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World.

Probably the hand that rocks the cradle is also the hand with strong wrists. Not to mention biceps – and let’s face it mums, we do a lot of weight lifting. Maybe it’s all about strength. Maybe that’s why we rule the world. Sheer muscles equals leadership.

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Being Brave – and visiting Australia!

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