Mothering right when your kids do wrong

Think on this: Do your children see the world, and people living in it, through the eyes of Mother Teresa? Or do your children proclaim the beauty of creation and all that lives and breathes as if in one of the magical documentaries of David Attenborough? Well, as a mum your heart would skip more than a few beats faster if that were true… and then you’d wake up from a delightful daydream.…In fact, that kind of blog would be titled ‘Mothering right when your kids do absolutely everything right all the time with sprinkles on top!’

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Food for the fussy eater

Feeding our children can sometimes be a tricky and frustrating task. We want them to eat enough, but not too much. We worry about whether they are eating enough vegetables or is that too much cheese? And then there is also the minefield of allergies and intolerances to cater for – gluten free, dairy free, vegan, soy free, preservative free…. the list goes on. On top of all of this, we then prepare a healthy and balanced dinner that gets rejected by a fussy eater and thrown on the floor amidst tears and tantrums (sometimes theirs, sometimes ours). Continue reading “Food for the fussy eater”

The little one that follows me

Motherhood. I was in no way prepared for it. Not for the amount of love I would feel. Or how being responsible for meeting all the required needs of another human being would, at times, bring out the worst parts of me. I am conscious of the picture I present to the little one that follows me. Continue reading “The little one that follows me”

How to help your kids enjoy independent, outdoor play

If you’re ever trying to find my house and you can’t remember the street number, just listen out for the sounds of shrieking and roaring children coming from my backyard. (Are they happy? Are they hurt? Who can say!) Most of the time my kids love to engage in independent, outdoor play on their own. Sometimes they need a little coaxing. Continue reading “How to help your kids enjoy independent, outdoor play”

Is my child on track?

As mums, we all have moments (and maybe days) where we worry about our children, and whether each child is “on track” with their development. This is normal, and part of our role as mums. After all, we are trying to grow these little people into independent, well-functioning adults. That can sometimes feel like an overwhelming responsibility. Continue reading “Is my child on track?”

Enjoy your children whilst they are little

Do you know that overwhelming feeling when an older lady tells you to enjoy every moment you have with your children whilst they are little, because “you’ll never get it back”? As a mother of teens and pre-teens I can tell you that, while it is true that you are doing all you can to enjoy your children whilst they are little, you are usually just too tired, mentally and physically, to remember it! Continue reading “Enjoy your children whilst they are little”