Fostering Hope – Stand Sunday

Our news, airways and social media feeds are filled with coronavirus and restrictions. The world collectively is experiencing a year like never before. Behind the coronavirus news are stories of both hope and sadness. Unfortunately, social isolation, economic hardship, and job loss have led to an increase of domestic violence, abuse and neglect of children. This has lead to an increasing number of children entering out of home care. This is why we are fostering hope through Stand Sunday. Continue reading “Fostering Hope – Stand Sunday”

Choosing the slow lane

I’m sure that we would all agree that 2020 has not turned out the way we expected. It has been challenging for many, with disruption and change seeming to come from every side at times. We have all in some way experienced social isolation and lockdown this year, and for me the time at home brought with it some interesting reflection and changes. We are choosing the slow lane. Continue reading “Choosing the slow lane”

Riding the COVID-19 storm as a family

It’s been an interesting time for us all, hasn’t it? How are you and your family handling this COVID-19 storm? Do you, like me, have good days, and then bad ones as well? Are you really enjoying having the kids around, but then sometimes go and hide away from them in the cupboard or the bathroom? Do you feel positive about how things are going around the world, then crash into anxiety and fear? You’re not alone. Continue reading “Riding the COVID-19 storm as a family”

From a MOPS kids carer

Up until the last few months, before COVID-19 forced lots of things to close for a time, I had been enjoying the times in my week when I got to interact with babies and young children.  Whether that was at church, my local playgroup or in the MOPS Kids area on a MOPS morning.  I’ve been missing my baby cuddles and the time spent playing and chatting with kids.   Continue reading “From a MOPS kids carer”

Can “bad days” be good?

Bad days are the worst. I had many of them prior to having kids but, since their arrival, they occur much more frequently than I’d like. PMS, horrible sleep, tantrums, clinginess, mum-brain, forgetfulness and teething, combined with a dozen other things have, at times, taken the sunshine out of my day. Continue reading “Can “bad days” be good?”

Rainy day holiday fun

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!! Woo! The thought of having your kids home full-time for a few weeks may excite you! Or it may have you screaming internally. Regardless of how you feel, or where you are in our country, it is good to have a game plan for tackling these winter school holidays. I hope these ideas help create some rainy day holiday fun for you all! Continue reading “Rainy day holiday fun”

Mothering right when your kids do wrong

Think on this: Do your children see the world, and people living in it, through the eyes of Mother Teresa? Or do your children proclaim the beauty of creation and all that lives and breathes as if in one of the magical documentaries of David Attenborough? Well, as a mum your heart would skip more than a few beats faster if that were true… and then you’d wake up from a delightful daydream.…In fact, that kind of blog would be titled ‘Mothering right when your kids do absolutely everything right all the time with sprinkles on top!’

Continue reading “Mothering right when your kids do wrong”