Enjoy your children whilst they are little

Do you know that overwhelming feeling when an older lady tells you to enjoy every moment you have with your children whilst they are little, because “you’ll never get it back”? As a mother of teens and pre-teens I can tell you that, while it is true that you are doing all you can to enjoy your children whilst they are little, you are usually just too tired, mentally and physically, to remember it! Continue reading “Enjoy your children whilst they are little”

Staying connected while isolated

We were created for relationship. For community. What people the world over are currently experiencing is not natural. But at this present moment in time, we have no choice but to accept our circumstances and, for the greater good, embrace them! The focus needs to be on staying connected while isolated.

Isolation – the process or fact of isolating or being isolated; without relation to other people or things; separately. Continue reading “Staying connected while isolated”

Mummy hacks

Over the past 7 years of motherhood, I like to believe I’ve adopted a combination of hands-on and hands-off parenting. I’m not a helicopter mum but also not a free-range mum. I’m somewhere in the middle. I set boundaries that allow me to sit back and relax. You might say I’ve found a creative way to be a little lazy in motherhood. And I’m okay with that. Besides, we all need little mummy hacks to make life easier so we can spend the time and energy on the things we enjoy! Continue reading “Mummy hacks”

Navigating married life after kids

My husband and I had our first child just one month shy of our first wedding anniversary. Boy, were we in for a shock as we began to navigate married life after kids! We attempted to go away to a beautiful resort to relax and celebrate but instead, we spent the whole time trying to get our unwell, non-sleeping one month old to stop crying and sleep… So romantic. Continue reading “Navigating married life after kids”