Appreciating ‘Mum’

Appreciating 'Mum'

How special do you feel as a Mum when your kids choose to tell you how much they love you? It’s usually on Mother’s Day, when someone gives our kids an opportunity to produce a card or gift. We receive cards with loving verses expounding our virtues. Truth be told though, it can often be another 12 months before anyone even thinks about it again, let alone puts pen to paper to express it. But appreciating ‘Mum’ is something we can do anytime. 

Changing seasons

As a mother of three daughters, I have received some beautiful cards over the years, and frequent expressions of love. I have nothing to complain about. When I was a kid, I did the same for my own Mum too. 

Recently I have entered a new season in my life. My daughters are young adults now and need less practical assistance.; while my Mum is needing more care and help from me. I have spent time recently looking back at what has come before in my life and what is stretched out ahead of me. What I have discovered is that my Mum has quite a legacy

Legacy of love

My daughters are the product of how I have raised them. I am a product of how my mother raised me. There are no degrees, certificates or awards on my  Mum’s wall. If you google her name, you will draw a bank. She hasn’t spoken to crowds, started any trends, or been accredited with any great developments or successes. But her influence now spans 2 generations, and then some. 

Her availability, dependability, modesty, conservative common sense and unconditional love have produced children and grandchildren who reflect those same values. She has every reason to be proud of her grandchildren; for who they are, and what they are achieving. But what warms my heart is that they too are proud of her.

Love them now 

As a mature woman, (who is fiercely independent I might add) I don’t need my Mum to help me do the practical stuff of life. But there is a day coming, (fortunately I don’t think it’s soon), that I will lose her. There is no point pouring hours into writing her eulogy, to deliver to a crowd at her funeral, if I haven’t bothered to tell her face to face how much I appreciate her.

There isn’t a certificate grand enough to reward her for the investment she has made in my life, my children’s lives (and ultimately their children’s lives too). If I wait until Mothers’ Day comes around to buy a card with a nice verse, it may be too little too late. She should be able to enjoy her reward now by receiving love and appreciation from those she has loved and raised. 

While my children were young, I relished their love and appreciation and my focus was on them and my own mothering journey. I’m fortunate now that I have the opportunity to change my focus and to take the time to love and appreciate my own mum; by being available, dependable, and unconditionally loving, just as she has been to me. 

A final thought

In the midst of the experience and the challenge that is ‘being a Mum’ and raising our own families, we can lose sight of the one who started it all… our own Mum. 

I’m learning too, to appreciate my Mum… before it’s too late. 


Karen Dickson


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  1. So beautiful and so true. Great for us to model appreciation for mums to our children. Show them what that looks like. Thanks so much for the reminder.💖

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