A year of being wholehearted


Chatting with friends at the beginning of the year we meandered upon the topic of our “word” for 2017. It’s a habit I eavesdropped from the wonderful world of blogging and I liked the sound of … “a word for the year”.

It’s the idea that a chosen word becomes the inspiration, goal and motto for the year to come. 2016 for me became the year of “Simplify.” For me it was a focus for my thoughts and actions; a reminder; a catch phrase. 2016 was anything but simple!

I’ve waded through changes in so many areas I think I have webbed feet! I’ve been stretched and I’ve struggled but through it all I’ve been reminded to “Simplify”. To take people on face value; to relish the ordinary; to get rid of the junk in my heart and my home… an ongoing task! I’ve focused on enjoying the moment and letting go of the complications.

It’s nothing extraordinary, this word for the year. Although at times I compare myself to others whose words been revealed through holy manifestations, (insert eyeroll here) for me it’s more the mull it over experience as the threads of inspiration through what I’m reading, hearing, discussing and pondering, finally weave themselves into a condensed thought that I can wrap myself in.

Before 2016 had morphed into the new year, the word “Wholehearted” was impressed on me. I can’t even remember the specific inspiration for the word and I’ve struggled to see exactly how or what this was to mean for the coming 365 days. In fact, it’s now mid-January as I’m writing this and I’m only just beginning to unpack this word.


You’re probably thinking that it’s pretty clear. Seriously, the dictionary definition has it covered, “Wholehearted – characterised by complete sincerity and commitment.” But how do I live that in MY 2017? What is there that I am not wholehearted about? What should I be wholehearted about? Is it in general or specifically? Should I give up what I am not fully invested in or how do I become wholehearted when my enthusiasm is low?

This year marks my 50th birthday. I know, for those I’ve met, it’s hard to believe! It’s a milestone that I am aiming to embrace “wholeheartedly”, not as the end of something but as the beginning of a new season. I’m not sure where this word will take me but I’m looking forward to the adventure.

Are you in the habit of finding a word for the year? It’s just an idea, perhaps one that you think has merit. Perhaps you’re too busy to think of a word; why not simply hitch your waggon to the MOPS 2017 Starry Eyed theme? “Wonder”, “Hope”, “Kindness” are words that I am sure you will have the opportunity to explore further as we unpack them together at MOPS this year. If you choose a word for 2017, I’d love to hear about it so leave your comments below.

Trish Montgomery
SA Conference Convenor

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