A Quick Beauty Routine

Quick Beauty Routine

A beauty routine can seem like a fantasy idea for many busy Mums. Before I was a mum, my beauty routine was fairly high maintenance. I enjoyed playing with eye-shadow and lipstick colours, learning how to get that perfect winged eyeliner. Contouring was new and fun; suddenly I was a magician who could make my nose all but vanish and my cheekbones magically appear.

When I got out of the shower, I’d have time to blow dry, then straighten, and then curl my hair.

Oh, those were the days. Maybe you can relate, or maybe you’ve always had a more simplified beauty routine. With those endless hours of primping behind me I’ve had to get quick and clever when it comes to my beauty routine.

My top 5 non-cosmetic beauty tips:

  1. Find a nice light sunscreen or a moisturiser containing SPF to apply to your face each day. The Cancer Council of Australia will tell you Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend.
  2. Get yourself some sunglasses and wear them whenever you’re out in the sun. There’s no need for us to be frowning and squinting when we’re on trips to the park, hanging the washing or doing the school run.
  3. Drink water, and plenty of it. I like to carry a water bottle with me everywhere and have set times when it should be re-filled. By hydrating, we are not only looking after our bodies on the inside, but our skin and eyes will respond well too. Skin has more elasticity and is less likely to have breakouts when hydrated.
  4. Girl, wash your face. Don’t go to bed with makeup on and avoid touching your face throughout the day.
  5. Wash your pillowcase regularly. Sometimes life gets busy and it can be way too long between sheet changes, but swapping out pillowcases doesn’t add too much to the load.

Why bother with a beauty routine?

When we feel good in our own skin, it shows. We smile more. We feel more confident. A little makeup can make you feel ready to take on the day- some call it ‘war paint’ for a reason! It’s a small act of self-care that can put you in a better mood and prepare you for the day ahead, even if that day is full of spilt cereal, toddler tantrums and ironing.

“I find makeup to be energizing and a sort of antidepressant. When I look put-together, I feel better about everything.” – Christine Coppa, Stay at home mum and writer.

“I do put on a little makeup every day because it helps me feel put-together. Mascara is essential.” – Emma Stone, actress.

Five-minute beauty routine:

  • Pop on your moisturiser before getting dressed to give it a chance to “soak in” before you add any makeup.
  • To speed up your morning routine, it’s helpful to invest some time in finding a foundation colour and coverage that suits you, something that feels good on your skin and blends easily. If you have dry skin; try something liquid, perhaps a BB cream with a built-in moisturiser. If your skin is prone to being oily, try a powder that you can build up coverage with. Apply your foundation lightly, starting in the centre of your face and blending outwards. I like to pop a little extra under my eyes and around my nose. For everyday makeup I keep it light and apply it with my fingers.
  • It’s a good idea to work out a list of your favourite products. Favourite lip balm, favourite mascara, favourite eyebrow tool, and if you like, eyeliner. I find leaving the kids with my husband and trekking out to late night shopping is a good opportunity to spend some time trying out testers and figuring out what works for me.
  • Apply mascara. This will help your eyes appear brightened, more open and awake. I like using waterproof mascaras because I can get through the day without it ending up running down my face.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil to define your brows. When I’m in a hurry I use a brown eye shadow and a fine angled brush to cover my brows. It also doubles to line my top lash-line.
  • Pop on a tinted lip balm and you’re good to go.

The key to doing your makeup in five minutes or less and still looking presentable is having a few products that you absolutely love and can count on.

Got more than 5 minutes?

If you like, you can  add a bit more colour, but still keep it simple:

Find a light, creamy coloured, slightly shimmered eye shadow and something a little darker in the coral, bronze or blush rose family.  These can be a diverse tool in your make up kit. Add the darker colour to your eyelid and blend up a little above the crease line, and then use the lighter colour under your eyebrow and in the inner corner of your eyes. You can use a smaller more dense brush for the darker colour and a fluffier brush for the light. Again, I tend to just use my fingers.

You can also use the darker colour as a blush and the lighter as a highlighter to accentuate your cheekbone, brow bone and the cupids bow on your top lip.

The most important part of a quick beauty routine is knowing you don’t need any of it. You have been uniquely created for far more than cosmetics have to offer. The dark bags under your eyes and the creases beside your smile are signs of a life lived.  You are worth far more than what you see in the mirror. If you need help believing this, look down into the eyes of your little one, for as much as you love, admire and care for every part of them, they feel exactly the same about you.


Leigh Amoraal
WA State Leader

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