A Grandparent’s Role

Grandparents make great babysitters. But that’s not the only role they serve.

Grandparents are your child’s greatest connection to your family’s history. They can teach your kids things that they could never learn from a history book. Real life experiences they’ve had that can be passed on to the next generation.


Grandparents can also give great advice and encouragement. Sometimes they observe family dynamics that you may not be aware of, so be sure to listen when they speak. You may not always agree with them but it’s still important to be open-minded and respectful — and to teach your kids to do the same.grandparents2

When trouble comes, grandparents can provide a listening ear. And often they can provide practical help. You’ll be thankful for all of the wisdom they’ve accumulated over the years. So let your parents baby-sit your kids when they can; just make sure that’s not the only role they play.

Focus on the Family

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  1. My grandparents are remembered with love and thankfulness for
    for their input into my life.

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