A glance in the rear vision mirror before we proceed

I have a 16 year old son who is learning to drive.  He has only just this week sat for his Learner’s licence, and so it has begun with the basic foundational principles, like the importance of checking your mirrors before you move off.

Coming to the end of another calendar year, I thought we could take a quick look in the rear vision mirror before we move off into a New Year.

Looking back over my shoulder at the year that was, I see a large collection of memories so sweet I want to remember them forever.  It is easy to spend so much time speeding through life that I forget the great things that I have experienced, and overcome, to get to where I am today! Is this true for you too?

With hindsight I see countless opportunities that were presented to me to encourage me to grow as a mother, woman, and leader.  I am grateful, looking back, but at the time I most likely wasn’t ?.

In looking back we find examples of our failures and messes but also our triumphs and victories. If you are reading this, you have successfully survived every bad day you have had so far this year. Me too!!  We should keep this up!?.

Aligning with the MOPS theme for 2017 (Starry Eyed), a reoccurring focus on the blog this year was wonder, hope and kindness, as we pledged to look for the stars in the darkness, be the hope in our world, and never cease to wonder over the goodness all around us.


Whether you use your digital photo album or your hand-written journal to help you, I hope that when you look back over 2017 you can identify the many things that you have to be grateful for. The stars that shone brightly in the dark times. The kindness that you experienced in times of need. Most of all though, the way that you brought the hope, wonder and kindness to those around you.

Have you ever noticed though, that, compared to the windscreen of your car, the rear vision mirror is very small?  It only covers around 3% of your windscreen.

It is very helpful to take a look back, catalogue our victories and learn from our mistakes, but if our ‘looking back’ is too much of a focus, then it obscures the road ahead and obstructs our ability to move forward – especially when looking back is accompanied by a deep sense of disappointment over how things didn’t work out.


If you particularly resonate with the last line, I have good news for you!

  1. You aren’t alone. You are in good company (except when we get disappointed we really aren’t good company are we?) Most human beings on the planet have been in that position and know what it feels like.
  2. What’s done is done, whether we liked it or not. Now, however, it is time to live in the present (an actual gift to us) and look to the future which is still a blank page in the book of your life. So many opportunities are still to come. So many good days are still in the pipeline for you and me!

Here’s another thing to look forward to: I am excited to announce that 2018 will be our year of living Free Indeed!

It will be the year we explore letting love be the loudest voice, being gutsy, and taking the first step.

So, with Christmas just around the corner, from all of us here at MOPS Australia I wish you a contented Christmas, and one that is filled with joy.

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All the best to you and yours for a wonderful Christmas.


Linda Alfredsson

MOPS Australia

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