2018 Theme – Free Indeed

What do you long for? What is the thing that your heart craves?
Is it possible that your deepest desire is to be free?

Free from worry.
Free from feeling stuck.
Free from striving to be loved.
Free from a heaviness you can’t put your finger on.
Free from thinking you should be someone other than exactly who you are.

In order to unfold our wings this year, we will …

Let Love Be the Loudest Voice

We will be free from the need to struggle for our worth, and we will live in the truth that we are already loved and lovable, without all the striving. We will parent with fresh perspective and will treat ourselves with tenderness, because love is the loudest voice we hear, and it is proclaiming freedom.

Be Gutsy

The truth is, we have more authority to shape our daily lives than we think we do. Your life can match your values and your passions; it will just take some courage and determination to make it happen.

Take the First Step

It is a fact that freedom is contagious… One of the best ways to advocate for the freedom of others is to take the first step ourselves; and then, with courage and honesty, to share our journey – because we have found the keys that can set others free.


The theme Free Indeed will be explored in MOPS groups around the world during 2018. MOPS groups are open to all mums with children from 0-6 years of age. Why not cruise around our website for more information?

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