Setting Our Souls on Fire – WA Conference

The WA MOPS Leadership Conference this August was hosted by a fiery bunch of new Mummy leaders who successfully set our souls on fire over two incredible days.

On Friday evening, we heard from Jodi Koepke (Field Manager), Catherine Begley (new WA State Leader), and Region Leaders, Louise Pekan and Leigh Amoraal. Lis Stuart gave a leader testimony. These women spoke into our hearts and shared why MOPS is so important to them and how it has changed their lives for the better. Then we were tempted with freshly cooked wood fired pizza for dinner and dessert to fill our bellies – yum! We participated in a few creative activities including writing on a piece of wood what we would like to surrender to God and placing it on the ‘camp fire’ on stage. Guests were also invited to create their own fiery picture using dye and rubbing alcohol and then setting it alight to create a personal masterpiece and memento to take home with us.

The Hands of MOPS Award was presented to two very deserving women from Moora: Melissa Cameron and Martha Simpson who have both served on their team for almost 10 years! What inspirational and dedicated women!

Saturday morning started with Worship which sang beautifully to our souls and certainly pulled at my heart strings. To be in the presence of other female Christian MOPS Leaders and feeling the loving energy in the room, was so warming and encouraging. A fantastic way to start the day.

Jodi Koepke introduced the new layout of MOPS to us – Welcome, Meeting and Connection. Each of these elements are separate and yet dependant on each other for a group to thrive.

The Welcome experience is about inviting EVERY mum of young children in and offering her open arms and a smile. We want every mum to know that she belongs and how glad we are that she came along.

The Meeting experience during our sessions can be a place of learning, growth and transformation for our mums. We want to help build a community and friendships within this time and space.

We believe that every person is created with a deep desire to connect and belong. Every leader can be involved in supporting connections and opening up to allow deeper conversation during the Connection Experience.

Romans 12:9-16 of the NIRV in the Bible gives us a perfect picture of MOPS Leadership and I would encourage you to read and reflect on these verses.

Our guest speaker on Saturday was Trish Botha. She is a Pastor of Aboriginal and South Sea Island descent. She gave us an insight in to her life and spoke to us about how we can share Jesus in an authentic way. She suggested we speak to those mums who don’t look or talk like us. Every conversation can be an opportunity for us to share with other mums. She reiterated how MOPS is an incredible platform to introduce women to the most incredible entity – Jesus Christ. It’s a Pre-Evangelism Ministry that is so desperately needed by so many women in ALL communities.

Overall, an awe-inspiring weekend to remember. If you haven’t attended a MOPS Leadership Conference, I would suggest you seriously consider going next year so you can keep your fire burning bright.

Jessica Combrink
Singleton MOPS












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