Who Runs A MOPS Group?

MOPS is run by mums, for mums!  From Kylie Walls_BannerEach group has a Leadership Team made up of mothers of preschoolers, with the exception of the MOPPETS Team Leader and Mentor who are more mature mums.

MOPS groups are run by churches as a ministry to young families in their community, and they appoint a leadership team to run their MOPS group.

Typical MOPS Leadership Team Roles

  • Coordinator: Leads the Leadership Team and acts as a liaison between MOPS Australia and the Chartering Ministry.
  • MOPS Mentor: Mentors MOPS women by listening, encouraging and offering godly perspectives. A mature woman, she often teaches or schedules guest speakers anddisciples the Leadership Team.
  • Discussion Group Team Leader: Leads a team of Discussion Group Leaders
  • Finance Team Leader: Manages the group’s finances, membership registration and budget.
  • Hospitality Team Leader: Creates a welcoming atmosphere, organises refreshmentsfor each meeting, plans special events and assists with special needs.
  • Publicity Team Leader: Publicises MOPS to the community and facilitates communication in the MOPS group through newsletters and other tools.
  • Creative Activities Team Leader: Leads a team that organises, plans and presents activities that encourage creativity.
  • MOPPETS Team Leader: Oversees the MOPPETS ministry—recruits, trains and supports MOPPETS carers.