What We Provide

MOPS Australia provides a range of resources, training and field personnel to support MOPS groups all over the country.

When you charter with MOPS Australia, you are never alone.  We will give you:

  • MOPS Australia Leadership Handbooks for each Leadership position.
  • Leadership Team Training DVDs for key positions.
  • Annual Group Experience Kit (with themed resources to help plan your MOPS mornings).
  • Weekly blog posts that can be shared with the mums in your group.
  • Access to a Region Leader who is the local link between your MOPS group and MOPS Australia.
  • Leadership Training Events for your leadership team.
  • State Conferences (see below).
  • Access to downloadable materials and leadership articles.
  • Marketing and promotional materials to advertise your MOPS group.
  • A listing for your group on our website – we will forward to you any enquiries from mums who would like to attend your group.


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State MOPS Conferences are held annually around Australia, with an Australasian Conference planned every few years.  Conferences provide an important opportunity for MOPS group Leaders to come together with Field Leaders for networking and training. Representatives from the Board and Management also attend Conferences.  Electives are provided for all leadership team positions in addition to excellent speakers, corporate worship, leadership workshops and (of course) socialising and fun.  At each Conference the theme for the following year is launched.  This allows leaders to share resources, brainstorm ideas and begin planning for the coming year.

Please note that children are NOT catered for at conferences – with the exception of nursing infants under 12 months.  To find out dates and details for future conferences, please go to the leader login section.