MOPS and Ministry

What makes MOPS outreach approach unique?

At MOPS, Christian faith is lived out through relationships that develop in an open accepting environment. These relationships provide an opportunity to communicate the hope of Jesus Christ, moving mums one step closer to Jesus on their spiritual journey.  Based on a lifestyle evangelism model, MOPS believes that through meeting the needs of women, we demonstrate Jesus’ love in the following ways:

  • Teaching and encouraging women about issues which are relevant to their stages of life
  • Providing opportunity for friendships with other mothers
  • Helping mums to gain confidence in mothering
  • Sharing faith through actions and lifestyle
  • Presenting the Gospel at least twice a year

How will MOPS directly impact church growth?

Mums who normally wouldn’t go to church will often join a MOPS group. Their need for practical help and spiritual hope gives the church an opportunity to minister long-term to mums and their families.

UntitledHundreds of Australian MOPS leaders have an opportunity to be equipped through leadership training events and resources.  More than 97% of MOPS leaders say they have grown from the leadership training they received from MOPS.  These women are often able to go on to serve in other leadership positions in their churches.

A MOPSunday annual church service provides a further opportunity for MOPS groups to partner with their chartering church.

How Effective is MOPS?

“MOPS has proven to be one of the most effective ministries our church does. I think every pastor should have a MOPS group in their church. MOPS provides a proven model for leadership, team development and ministry opportunities.”
Pastor Andrew Corbett
Legana Christian Church TAS

“I believe MOPS to be one of the most effective ways to reach the community, especially young mums with little or no support structures, … in time bringing them to faith in Jesus.”
Pastor Clinton Wardle
Berri Church of Christ SA

“I love the fact that non-Church women feel so comfortable being part of what is happening.”
Pastor Colin Meadows
Riverton Baptist Community Church WA

What mums are saying

“I love having those two hours child free to embrace womanhood and our real nitty gritty lives…. MOPS is my favourite thing I do for me. Since joining MOPS my family now fully participates in church.”
Nicole, NSW

“It was fantastic getting a couple of kid-free hours, and morning tea for a fantastic price. The crafts and relevant parenting topics were invaluable.”
Kelly, Qld

“MOPS is one of the best things that happened to me as a mum.”
Bec, Qld

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Our Mission:  MOPS Australia encourages and equips mums of young children to realise their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church.