Faces of MOPS

Margaret Sanders

Managing Director

“It is my absolute privilege to lead MOPS in Australia.  I love watching young mums develop confidence in their mothering, and I am passionate about raising up leaders.” Marg



Donna Hill

Field Staff Manager

“I have so much fun with the Area and Regional Coordinators as we grow and develop our God-given leadership skills.  Together we support groups on the ground so that they in turn can reach into their communities.” Donna



Jillian Ross

Conference Manager

“I’ve been to over ten conferences and still get a buzz out of them!  At conferences, leaders get to see ‘the big picture’ of MOPS in Australia.  I love watching leaders connect with each other, learn new skills, and return home better equipped to lead their group.” Jill



Catherine Oehlman

Media Manager

“Let’s connect! Browse the website, comment on the blog, join the Leaders’ forum, like us on facebook and get your hands on a copy of Better Mum Magazine. I <3 MOPS!” Cath