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Leader Blogs are provided to encourage, equip and inform MOPS leaders in their various leadership roles.


  • Leading the way, to wonder, hope and kindness

    14 November 2016

    From Kylie Walls_BannerOn any given fortnight, almost 3000 mums around the country are supported, encouraged and inspired by a MOPS group. At MOPS those mums can be honest with one another about the hard week they’re having, complete something as simple as a conversation without being interrupted, and learn something about themselves, their partner and their kids.

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  • Thank you, MOPS leaders

    31 October 2016

    MOPS in Australia has some seriously fabulous leaders in its ranks. MOPS groups thrive and women have their socks blessed right off because dedicated MOPS leaders do what they do with excellence, passion and commitment.

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  • SA Conference – celebration and fun

    07 October 2016

    I’m writing this at the end of a wonderful and successful State Conference here in South Australia.  It was a privilege to work alongside Trish Montgomery and her helpers to facilitate this event for the past day and a half.

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  • Vic Conference – Kindness under the stars

    05 October 2016

    dsc_0950When was the last time you walked into a room and had your breath taken away? For me, it was Friday 9th September 2016, when I stepped from the cold Glen Waverley night into the warmth of the MOPS Victorian Conference. Immediately I was greeted by the ever-inspiring Gabriel ‘Gub’ Norris, who dazzled in what can only be described as Statue-of-Liberty-meets-an-entire-constellation-of-stars.

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  • Dealing with mum guilt

    04 October 2016

    girl-1064659_1280Has anyone else discovered that with the birth of their baby (or maybe even during pregnancy) a switch somewhere deep inside was turned on? The switch has large flashing letters above it labelling it as “mum guilt”. After battling this beast for the early months of my daughter’s life, I thought I had it mostly conquered. This beast lulls me into a false sense of victory, lying dormant for stretches of time. Sometimes the whispers of guilt are so slight that I almost miss them. Other times, guilt is a roar.

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  • WA Conference – a starry, glittery success

    22 September 2016

    cockburnUpon arriving at the conference on Friday night, the excitement was building to find what was waiting for us. It was dark and the room was filled with fairy lights, stars, sparkles and glitter, ladies in ball gowns, tutus and tiaras.



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  • Tasmanian Conference 2016 … oh, and chocolate

    03 September 2016

    _MG_0189 scaledStars… Glitter… Chocolate… I’m not sure Camp Banksia Port Sorell on Tasmania’s beautiful north west coast has ever sparkled quite so brightly amidst the lovingly prepared dining hall with a ceiling full of fairy lights and garlands of stars, glittery runners and tables adorned with stars and of course chocolate…

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  • Starry Eyed NSW Conference

    26 August 2016

    The NSW/ACT conference was held from Friday night August 19th to Saturday afternoon August 20th. It was held at NewDay Church in Figtree and the Wollongong ladies put on a fantastic event.

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  • Queensland Conference 2016

    18 August 2016

    Trialing a new format for the Queensland MOPS Conference, a group of 70 (seventy)… Yes, you did read it right… 70! MOPS ladies met at Calvary Family Church in Shailer Park for a Friday evening/Saturday day retreat.  Groups travelled from near (Sunnybank) and far (Atherton) to be inspired.

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  • Make the most of your MOPportunities

    06 June 2016

    Ever been tortured by ‘on hold music’?  I was stuck on the phone waiting for my doctor’s receptionist to pick up last week.  Talk about painful! They were severely failing their ‘Hippocratic Oath’ of ‘first, do no harm’ (to my ears!)… All I could do was grit my teeth, wait it out (and also move the phone a little further away from my ear!)

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