Leader Blogs

Leader Blogs are provided to encourage, equip and inform MOPS leaders in their various leadership roles.


  • Stepping into Freedom

    25 October 2017

    Are there mums in your group who are ready to learn more about God?

    Are there mums asking questions about faith?

    Do you want to draw your leaders together as a team?

    Stepping into Freedom is designed to stimulate conversations about faith and can be used in a number of different ways outside of the MOPS morning.

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  • SA Conference – experiencing abundance

    23 October 2017

    MOPS Conference is always a highlight of my MOPS year. I love hearing about all of the ways God has used this Ministry to show more of who he is to women with a wide range of experiences of ‘church’. It is also somewhat of a personal anniversary for me beginning in MOPS leadership and a chance to reminisce about when my now 4yo was a tiny little 4 week old (or less).

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  • Increasing Freedom- MUMSnext

    18 October 2017

    In 2017 we had Discover/Discuss/Do cards for MUMSnext and for 2018 they have gone one step further and given us a whole meeting plan book just like they have for MOPS. Mums at this stage of life are quite different from mums who have children at home all day and the MOPS topics are not always relevant for MUMSnext mums. This meeting book recognises the particular needs of mothers with children at school.

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  • Freedom to Choose – Theme Ideas Book

    11 October 2017

    It’s exciting for me as a coordinator that everyone that went to conference has received a copy of this amazing little book!

    The theme ideas book is the perfect book for all leaders to have, having all the leader login in details for MOPS Australia and MOPS International at the start of the book, making sure every leader has access to all the information they need. It means that every leader no matter what their position can be fully involved and aware of the theme and able to contribute to team planning.

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  • VIC Conference – taking flight!

    11 October 2017

    East of Melbourne on a cold and wet evening we converged on the buildings of St Mark’s Anglican Church, Forest Hill, to find canapés and a delicious fruit punch awaiting guests. A myriad of interpretations of the dress theme ‘Free as a Bird’ flocked the foyer. Many a feather boa, bird print, and even a peacock fluttered around the room. This convivial welcome sparked conversation between MOPS friends, old and new.

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  • NSW/ACT Conference – recharging leaders

    28 September 2017

    Last weekend I spent a delightful day and a bit at the NSW/ACT MOPS Conference.

    The festivities kicked off on Friday night with a masquerade ball. It was so much fun getting to dress up and enjoy a lovely dinner with some of my team, while we were introduced to the theme for next year.

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  • Encouraging Freedom – A Mentor’s Voice

    13 September 2017

    This is a great resource to equip new mentors and a great way for those that have been in the role a while to become reinspired in the mission of MOPS. It’s full of awesome stories to encourage you, fantastic journaling pages to teach you and get you thinking, and lots of tips on becoming a Dynamic Mentor.

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  • TAS Conference – ready to release

    07 September 2017

    Nestled within the beachside town of Port Sorell on Tasmania’s scenic north-west coast, the doors opened to the rustic timber hall at Camp Banksia on the Friday night of conference with the log fire roaring, bubbly drinks and hearty platters on offer on arrival. There was bohemian styling and warm lighting around the room, and a photo booth to capture images with our team mates and friends.

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  • All The Things – A Mum’s Workbook

    06 September 2017

    This beautiful little book is full of wonderful things. It will make a great gift at the start of the year for all your mums. You will find each page teams up with one of the talks on the DVD and either has an activity for the mums to do or some extra word of encouragement. Many of the activities correspond with the suggestion topics in the Theme Ideas Book.

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  • WA Conference – renewing our passion

    04 September 2017

    This is my first year back with MOPS after a six-year break, so it’s been a while since my last leader’s conference. But I knew it would be special, as I have yet to attend a MOPS event that doesn’t exceed my expectations and leave me feeling both inspired and humbled. And this year’s WA State Conference was no exception.

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