Sensational Steering Meetings

Does the thought of running a Steering Team meeting seem a little overwhelming at times? Do you wonder if you cover everything you should?  Do your meetings sometimes run overtime?  Do you leave the meeting and remember items you missed discussing? Would you like to be a “fly on the wall” of another group’s meeting to see what they do?  Vanessa Ralph, coordinator of the Townsville MOPS group, shares how she runs her fortnightly Steering Team meetings.

Whether your team meets once a term, once a month, or more frequently – enjoy reading about Vanessa’s fornightly meetings below!

What is your game plan for making a great group?  One thing I think is an important aspect is to meet together regularly as a steering team; to create unity and to get to know each other well throughout the year. As a Coordinator, regular meetings make it easier for me to know what everyone is doing and how they are coping in their roles. Our Leadership Team is made up of women from various church denominations so regular meetings give us regular contact which we don’t usually have. A team meeting promotes good communication and relationships purely by setting time aside to be together. We get to know and understand each other and know each other’s giftings. Our group meets each fortnight on the ‘off’ week of MOPS.  Our meetings are sometimes a little chaotic as we have our children playing in the background but on the whole run fairly smoothly (with some prayer for the children to play well together).

I always work with an agenda for our meetings to enable smooth running (and so I don’t forget anything). Our meeting agenda looks something like this.

Arrival – grab a cuppa and chat

9:30am Prayer requests and prayer time 

9:50am Devotion (we take turns throughout the year)

10:00am MOPS meeting

  • Reflections of past MOPS session (topic, speaker and creative)

  • Each team member report on what is happening in their area

  • Plans for next MOPS session

  • Other MOPS business

11-11:30am Finish

Prayer is the fundamental aspect that makes a group work well.  God is the leader and it is important to stay in check with what His agenda is for MOPS throughout the year. ‘Where two or three are gathered, there am I with them’ (Matthew 18:20). This is so true!  It is such a blessing to see prayer requests answered and to lift up women in our group in specific times of need. If a team member is absent from the meeting, we ensure we pray for her. I would encourage your group to pray regularly if you aren’t already.  You will see such amazing things happening with prayer as an integral part of your meetings.

Our devotional time is a chance to share what God is doing in each team member’s life.  We each take turns to share something that God has revealed to us, and that may be encouraging for others on team. It may be a devotion that we have read through the week, something from a book we are reading or even a favourite bible verse.  It is great to be encouraged and challenged with the messages that the women bring.

Our ‘business’ side of the meeting is essential for enabling our group to move forward successfully.  Reflection time allows us to assess what we would and wouldn’t do again.  The reports from each team member about what is happening in their area keeps the team informed, and also allows for brainstorming if there is a particular problem that needs to be addressed.  Often the issue is not so complicated when we have many minds thinking and helping to solve the problem.  Not every team member will have things to report but, offering the opportunity gives importance to each area that makes MOPS work.

I always address the format of the following MOPS session so that the team knows the basic outline and what will happen; who will be on set up and anything ‘extra’ that might be needed for a particular session.

Finally the general business is always important.  Things like social outings for team and the MOPS group, upcoming events like the walkathon, how to bless our carers etc… all fit into this category.  Unity in our decision making is important in these areas.

When your team is all on the same page, your MOPS group will see that unity and feel secure in what is happening during a MOPS session.  I have been coordinator of our group for the past three years and have seen the amazing benefits of having regular meetings with the awesome women on our team. (Thanks to the Coordinators before me who showed me this great tool!)  The blessing of meeting together just cannot be described, but I can tell you that when you meet with your team, God will be there in an incredible way to bless your MOPS group and keep you in line with His will for your MOPS group.  I pray that you may be encouraged and reap the benefits of meeting together regularly with your team!

God Bless!  Love,

Vanessa Ralph

Coordinator of Mt Louisa MOPS