How Christian Do You Make Your MOPS Group?

The answer to this question will become clearer by first answering the question, “Who do you want your MOPS group to reach?”

  1. Is the vision and call of your MOPS group to reach out and encourage churched mums and those drifting in their faith?
  2. Is the vision and call of your MOPS group to reach both the churched and beyond to those who have had contact with the gospel but have not done anything with it?
  3. Is the vision and call of your MOPS group to reach out to all of the above but also to those who have never heard the gospel including those who are hostile to all things “religious”?
Unsaved (Hostile)                                                                        Open              Saved

Bill Hybels, in his book “Just Walk Across the Room”, describes the role of bringing a person to Christ as moving them along the spectrum of unbelief.  Describing an unbeliever as being at ‘-10’ and needing to move along the spectrum reaching ‘0’ to be saved, gives us a visual image of an unbeliever’s degree of openness to Christ. At -10 they may be hostile to Christ, at -5 apathetic, and at -2 willing to hear the message. As a person moves along this spectrum of unbelief their level of receptiveness to listen to, discuss and become involved in Christian activities will increase.

If the vision or call of your MOPS group is to reach mums who fall under category 1 or 2 listed above, then you will find that having prayer in your MOPS morning, scriptures quoted regularly by your Mentor, and viewing of Christian YouTube clips, readily accepted.
Sadly, however, when non Christian mums, less open to the gospel, have attended a MOPS group with this type of overt Christian input they have ceased attending after only one or two visits, citing it was “too religious” for them. If it is the vision of your MOPS group to reach all mums in your community, then consider how your group can maintain its authentic Christ-centred goals without marginalizing anyone.
Allow acts of sacrificial, servant love to speak the gospel, allow the natural God-stories of your Christian mums during discussion times to be the overt message, and allow the Holy Spirit to soften hearts as your leadership team commits to pray for individual mums. Give your MOPS group advance notice when you are planning a gospel presentation morning such as at Easter or Christmas. This will show you respect where they ‘are at’ and they will not feel ambushed. Of course you can still reach your -2 mum who looks interested in hearing more about faith. Offer to chat to her privately over coffee. Another idea is to run an Alpha Course or similar, inviting any MOPS mum who is interested.
Remember, the MOPS morning is just the beginning of your witness.
-Erma Mayes