Facebook FAQ

Where can we find MOPS on facebook?

First of all, find the MOPS Australia facebook page and click LIKE to join over 800 mums from around the country. You might be interested in the MOPS International facebook page as well. It’s a community of over 40,000! If you would like to connect specifically with other Leaders, try the MOPS International Leaders page. (Australian Leader pages coming soon…!)

Does our local MOPS group have to set up a facebook presence?

No, but it is a great way to connect with mums in your area.

How do we get started?

Before you do anything, please read the MOPS Australia social media policy, available in the downloads section. We recommend setting up an open fb group or a fb page. (We strongly advise against creating closed groups.) Check out facebook’s help centre for tips on starting your group.

Our local MOPS group already has a facebook page up and running. Do we have to create a facebook group instead? 

No, however – please be aware that a page is very public. Make sure all administrators read and understand the MOPS Australia social media policy. Please also ensure that the MOPS Australia logo is not altered in any way. Immediately contact MOPS Australia if any issues arise on your fb page.

What can we share on facebook?

Feel free to share anything you find on the MOPS Australia fb page, keeping the link. Share updates about what is happening in your local group. Share upcoming events and meeting topics. You may share thoughts, ideas, quotes and images provided they serve to encourage mothers, and are in keeping with the vision and values of the ministry of MOPS. If in doubt – please do not post.

Please do NOT post images of MOPPETS children. Please do not post images of MOPS mums unless you have their written permission to do so. Please do not use your facebook group or page to promote other businesses or organisations.

What do we do if someone posts advertising on our page/group?

If the advertising has been posted by someone in your MOPS group, please remind them that MOPS is not the place for promoting individual causes, and delete. If the advertising has been posted by someone you do not know, please delete immediately.  Spam is an ongoing issue online.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.