Every MOPS Moment Matters

The MOPS morning format is not accidental or just a good idea, but strategic.

  • Every element of the MOPS morning fulfills the specific needs of mums with young children.
  • Also, importantly, every element of the MOPS morning opens the door to sharing the gospel with the non-Christian mums.

MOPS Morning 1_smlMOPS is a perfect tool for reaching people for Jesus. Barna research*  found that 70% of kids who grow up in Christian homes dropped out of their faith between 18 and 22 years old. About 2/3 of those eventually returning to church. What brings them back? Barna’s research discovered that the most common reason was getting married and having children! For years we have talked about the fact that when a woman has a baby she is much more likely to begin to think about spiritual things, so MOPS is perfectly positioned to reach out to this demographic.

Make every moment matter in your MOPS group – 3 easy steps:

  1. Firstly, it is crucial that your group is actually following the MOPS model, not leaving out bits entirely, under-emphasising elements, or combining two elements so that neither is completely effective.
  2. Secondly, train the leaders of your teams about how every element of a MOPS morning impacts evangelism if done properly and well.
  3. Thirdly, make it a point once a year to train your Christian mums to recognise the opportunities for the gospel that are present at each MOPS morning. Maybe run a coffee morning, or coffee and dessert night, for your team and all the other Christian mums in your MOPS group (and also invite non-attending, MOPS-age mums from the chartering church).

Such a meeting will serve several purposes:

  • Equip more people (not just team leaders) to intentionally be “doing evangelism” at each MOPS morning
  • Present the vision of MOPS to the non-team member Christian mums in the group and the church. (Some Christian women think “MOPS is not spiritual enough”)
  • Build a sense of passion about MOPS in Christian mums who are not on team and this may encourage them to join the team in the future.

This table shows how gospel opportunities are built into every element of the MOPS morning.

* www.barna.org