Got questions?

  • How much does MOPS cost?
    Not much at all really!  There is an annual participation fee of $10 to MOPS Australia. Groups usually have a small meeting fee which covers MOPPETS, creative materials and sometimes venue hire. The cost varies from group to group, but most groups charge around $8.00 each meeting.  Check with your local group regarding fees.
  • I already go to a playgroup with my child. How is MOPS different?
    MOPS is about you as a woman and a mum. It offers time out for mums and an opportunity for your needs to be met. Children are cared for in the MOPPETS program while you are at MOPS. When you take care of yourself, you are more capable of taking care of your children. Better mums make a better world!
  • I am not a Christian and I don’t go to church or anything. Can I still come to MOPS?
    MOPS welcomes ALL mothers of preschoolers regardless of age, marital status, religion or national origin. MOPS is a wonderfully diverse group of women, making it a completely unique  support community.
  • I can’t find a MOPS group listed in my area. Why is this?
    MOPS Australia is continually searching for churches with a vision to establish new MOPS groups.  A MOPS group needs volunteers and resources to develop and sustain it. Please contact us and we can let you know if a group is about to start near you.  If you are connected with a Christian church, contact us if you are interested in starting a group in your area! We would love every mother in Australia to be able to access a MOPS group.
  • My child is five years old and has just started preschool (kindergarten or prep in some states of Australia). Am I allowed to still come to MOPS?
    Yes. MOPS is not a mother-and-toddler playgroup; we exist to meet the needs of mothers with babies and children up to school age.  Mothers are very welcome at MOPS with or without their preschooler.
  • Is childcare available during MOPS?
    Yes. MOPPETS is a structured, organised childcare program run by people who care about your child. For more detailed information about the program, please see MOPPETS.
  • I see that there is a MOPS group near me. Can I just show up at the next meeting?
    Please call or email the MOPS office who will link you with the contact person for the group to ensure there is a place for you and your child/children. Some groups have a waiting list.
  • I attended a MOPS group overseas. Is MOPS Australia the same?
    MOPS Australia is proud to be an affiliate of MOPS International, though you may find some aspects of MOPS down under slightly different.